Monday, 11 December 2017

The 19th RBSC Invitational Swim Meet

This time round, The Water Family went to Bangkok, Thailand!
Teacher Jerry always tries to introduce new experience to our swimmers.
Despite the fact that our swimmers only train once a week,
he feels that all swimmers should not be denied a chance
to feel the adrenaline rush at a competition and also the 
motivation and determination leading up to it and after it.

No funding?
No sponsors?
No problem!
We have the support of parents who believed in their children and us.
We have Teacher Jerry!

So, off to Bangkok we went!
Precious experience and memories indeed!

They swam hard, played hard.
Everyone did their best their moment they plunged into the pool.
Good job, The Water Family!
They had good experiences with swimmers with Thailand, Malaysia,
Hong Kong and of course Singapore. 

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