Monday, 11 December 2017

The 19th RBSC Invitational Swim Meet

This time round, The Water Family went to Bangkok, Thailand!
Teacher Jerry always tries to introduce new experience to our swimmers.
Despite the fact that our swimmers only train once a week,
he feels that all swimmers should not be denied a chance
to feel the adrenaline rush at a competition and also the 
motivation and determination leading up to it and after it.

No funding?
No sponsors?
No problem!
We have the support of parents who believed in their children and us.
We have Teacher Jerry!

So, off to Bangkok we went!
Precious experience and memories indeed!

They swam hard, played hard.
Everyone did their best their moment they plunged into the pool.
Good job, The Water Family!
They had good experiences with swimmers with Thailand, Malaysia,
Hong Kong and of course Singapore. 

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Yio Chu Kang Water Sports Fiesta 2017

12 November 2017, The Water Family put up their best swim and 
took home 50 medals!
There were some regular senior winners, 
there were some first time winners and 
there were some who tried but did not win a medal.
And so we quote Teacher Jerry, 
"So what! Did you have fun? Did you try your best? 
Just try to beat your Personal Best (PB)!"
There is always only one winner (or three) 
on the podium but for oneself, 
one is always a winner as long as
one tries his or her best!

Congratulations, The Water Family!


Thursday, 21 September 2017

Congratulations Nicholas!

Our heartiest congratulations to Nicholas on winning 2 Bronze medals at the recent SJI International School Swim Gala in the 50m Individual Medley & the 4 x 50m Medley Relay!

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

GetActive! Singapore 2017 Swimming Competition

The competition was held at Our Tampines Hub. During these four days of intensive competition, our swimmers had the chance to compete with some of the finest swimmers. We sent in our largest team of swimmers, comprising of both the senior and junior squads.

Objective for the 2 squads were:

1. Break their Personal Best (PB)
2. Get into finals
3. Podium finish

1. Have fun. Have fun. Have fun.
2. Gain exposure
3. Do not get disqualified (DQ)

We are very happy that our objectives were met and Quennie made it onto the podium after clinching a silver medal in her 50m Freestyle. 

Majority of our swimmers (learn to) swim only once a week, their determination to do their best is beyond imagination. Good job, everyone!

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

58th National School Swim Championships 2017 (Sec/JC/CI)

And... The nationals came & went in a blink of an eye.

From the glory of Quennie coming in first in her heats to the tears of Evangeline to the regrets of Keith who missed out on his PB by 0.02 seconds, we have seen it all. Really, we did. We have been in this journey together for almost a year, preparations and all the hard work, just for today.

Yes, many of them broke their PB. The joy and happiness on their faces - priceless.

After three days of intense competition, to my six children, my six fighters, my six swimmers,

Earlene, congratulations, you did it! You did even better than your personal best timing. We worry about you the most among all our swimmers but you showed us what you were made of and impressed us with your new personal best timing of 40.82secs , shaving more than 4secs!

Quennie, one of the next rising star in our family. Watching you blossom from a young girl under my Learn-to-Swim program till today, one of our top swimmers in the team. Watching you plunge off from the platform, we knew you were in good form. Yes! You did it in style by coming in 1st in your heats & breaking your own PB too!

Sherilyn, what an amazing race! Despite this being your first and despite all the negative feedback showered upon you, you proved them all wrong! No, you did not came in last and you broke your PB too!  Most importantly, we are all very proud of your performance today. An impressive PB of 39.62secs!

Evangeline, dear Evangeline, we know how heartbroken you feel about your performance. We also know that you gave your 101%. 2016, you were the only swimmer who could make it to the Nationals and I told myself, 2017, I'm going to bring a team for you. As one of the senior swimmers, you shared unselfishly all your experiences & knowledge with the rest of the family members. Unknowingly, you took up the "Big Sister" role to take care of the younger ones. I'm grateful that you've grown up gracefully. Every single race is a learning point for us. We will only get better, get stronger, get faster. We all know it and yes, we've faith in you.

Keith, in 2016, after my Parent-Coach Conference, you were the first one who came up to approach me. These were your exact words, "Cher, I want to train competitively. I want to swim competitively."

In front of your father, I questioned you, "Are you sure, Keith? Competitive training is hard work. You need to devote at least four sessions weekly." When I heard your reply, I knew this boy is going to show us some amazing stuff. You told me, "Yes. I can do it. I want to be a competitive swimmer." You did it with your butterfly event. You have shown us your months of dedication & commitment. We also know that you missed out on your freestyle PB by 0.02 seconds and that hurts but don't you worry, we are all here behind you. We are all here to help you to break your PB.

Elton, between Coach Yu Cong and myself, we were quite confident that you are going to make it into the finals. Unexpectedly, some issues happened in the morning and you couldn't make it for your freestyle event. Well, things do happen for a reason and we must move on. No, don't apologise to us. It was a situation beyond anyone's control so let's embrace the situation and move on. 

I'm so glad and touched that you made it in the nick of time to report for your butterfly event. Seeing how you ran towards us to report for your event, your whole head full of sweat, I knew how important this championship is to you. We saw how hard you swim in your race and we are both very happy for your new butterfly PB of 32.51secs despite all the hurdles you had to overcome to reach the finishing point.

This might be the last school national championships for some of them (since they are going to graduate secondary school) but this will definitely not be their last time to break their PB. We are just going to keep training & keep breaking those PB away. 

Roy Bennett shared, "Keep going, because the hardest time will bring out the greatest you and build up the strongest you! Do not fear failure but rather, fear not trying." 

Let's all keep going! Up next, National Primary School Swim Championships 2017!