Monday, 5 December 2016

Birthday parties are no longer the same

Birthday parties at age 10: You want to attend all your friends' parties, wear your nicest clothes, play with your friends, have lots of fun, drink lots of cola, lots of laughter & you wonder whose party is next.

Birthday parties at age 20: You want to invite as many people as you can, party whole night and drink as much as you can till you are drunk. And you wonder, where should your next party be.

Birthday parties at age 30 (with a child): You no longer think about your own party but your child's. You wonder if the theme you chose for your 2 year-old daughter is right. You wonder if she likes it. You wonder if she will have fun & be happy.You wonder if her friends that you invited are going to have fun. You wonder a lot...

Olympia's 2 year-old birthday wasn't like any birthday parties I had or I attended before. It used to be just wishing your friends happy birthday or vice versa. This year, friends are congratulating me. Yes. Congratulations indeed. 2 years have passed by so ever quickly, like a blink of an eye. Congratulations for surviving these 2 years.

2 years ago, wasn't I just in the delivery suite holding the most beautiful girl in my arms saying, "Hi! I am your papa."

And there she is today, running around the function room, finding her friends, hopping up & down the bouncy castle. Birthday parties are no longer the same. Because birthday parties now have a whole new meaning - Celebration of life.

Ollie's birthday party seems like a wedding dinner especially with the table photos. One fine day, when she really gets married. I might just break down & cry. Cry a lot.

Here's a shout out to all friends & relatives who took time out to attend my little princess' birthday party, your blessings, attendance & especially your congratulations meant so much to us. Thank you. Also not forgetting those who texted, whatsapp, & facebook-messaged us, wishing Olympia a blessed birthday. Thank you.

Happy Birthday Olympia.

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