Thursday, 28 April 2016

5 Life lessons from Papa

Dear Olympia,

Papa wasn't expecting to teach you so many life lessons at such a young age. Since it had happened, might as well blog about it. When you are old enough, mature enough, I hope this entry will guide you along your life.

It is a lovely day. Note, Papa uses "is" and not "was" because by the time you read this, it still is a lovely day.

We saw the diapers on a super sale & decided to buy all the available ones for you. You are such a lucky girl! Guess what Papa did with this lovely photo? Share. Share our joyful moments, share your growth, share the happiness on social media with our family and friends.

However, in this digital era of social media, people tend to be a little quick to judge. Here are a few life lessons Papa wishes to impart to you & I hope they will bring you far in life.

Lesson #1: Don't live a life where other's views matter

Don't ever live a life where you have to be constantly bothered about how other people view you or how others judge you. Let them be. This life belongs to you. Only you will be able to decide how you want your life to be.

If you have to live in the shadows of others, that's a meaningless life. Next time, when you have your own kids. You have to tell them this too.

Being our first child, there are always bound to be people out there who are eagerly wanting to share experiences. Here are some of the things Papa & Mama have encountered so far:

"Babies cannot take aeroplanes at such a young age."
"Babies cannot take aeroplanes & travel for long distances."
"Babies cannot eat outside food."
"Must start training your child right / left brain."
"Must let your baby eat organic food."
"When your child grows up, must go to school. Cannot homeschool."
"Not walking? Not talking?"
"How can you let your child walk around by herself?"

(Don't be offended by yourselves, we heard these and are merely stating the facts.)

What we have encountered, you might, you may, you will encounter them next time too. Your Papa & Mama have been constantly discuss about your education, your childhood & most importantly how to let you experience the best of your life.

Papa remembers bringing you on your first trip to Thailand when you were just three months young. We started off pretty well from there, flying you to Thailand on a monthly basis, then to Penang, to Paris and Hong Kong.

Did we have a hard time flying with you for the past sixteen months? No. We enjoyed it so much & we are proud parents who we can say, "Ollie is a seasoned traveler."

Can you imagine how much we would have missed out if we had listened to every single thing told to us and followed them? And for the record, we are planning trips to Taiwan, USA, Japan & Australia.

Lesson #2: Follow your heart
You will reach a point in life where you might feel lost. Don't be afraid. If you ever need an answer & there's no one else to talk to. Listen to your heart & follow it. Nothing in life is as trustworthy as what your heart tells you.

Papa & Mama want you to live a life with no regrets. You must remember, once you make that decision, you have to be responsible for whatever outcome it may be.

Lesson #3: Have an awesome childhood

Papa had an awesome childhood. I still remember days where Papa & Uncle Peter used to run around your great grandfather's kampung house catching ladybugs & grasshoppers. Papa also had a bunch of awesome childhood friends who used to play basketball & void deck soccer together.

Papa wants you to have an awesome childhood too. Papa wants you to go out there to rough it out. If you happen to do silly things, learn from it. If you fall, learn to climb up. If you make mistakes, learn from them.

Lesson #4: Words can't hurt you unless you allowed it

Words are very special. They can be a source of encouragement yet they can hurt you too. Remember, in the digital age, people type faster than what their brains can process. Don't let words hurt you. They won't be able to unless you allow them. So, don't.

Lesson #5: Stay with the right people

Stay with the right people who give you positive energy in life. Haters will forever be jealous of you. Even more so, if you are living a better life than them. True friends are those who are happy for you, cheer you along the way & motivate you.

Papa hope these five life lessons will guide you along your life. Remember, we love you. No one knows you better than us. We might be lousy parents in the eyes of some but we hope we will be the best parents you had.

Loving you always,
Proud Papa

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KingKongJon said...

Nice stuff! Happy to know that we share the same approach in life. We went on a road trip in Vietnam with Jordan when he was less than 1 yo.