Wednesday, 27 January 2016


The Water Family's swimmers took part in the latest swimming championship and they performed exceptionally well! Outstanding performance by each and everyone!

We won! We won it sweetly. A total of 23 medals. 6 Gold, 8 Silver, 9 Bronze medals!

Success didn't come easily. It sure didn't. These kids trained hard. I pushed them hard during some training days, really hard, especially the camp team (who trained in Malaysia). More about that in a later post.

We had our senior & elite swimmers taking part in the 50m Breaststroke & 50m Freestyle. We also had our younger & junior squad. It was the very first time for many swimmers. I am glad that it was a great experience & exposure for all who took part in the competition.

As I look through the results & timing, I've been smiling to myself. Every swimmer broke their personal best timing. For a coach, that's what it matters most. Not the number of medals but the number of personal best timings my swimmers can break. I'm happy. We must have done something right in our training programs.

Wanted to take a group photo with them but they said, "Wefie is more trendy." So, here's our wefie!

The strongest swim team of 2016.
We are growing.
We are strong.
We can only get better.

Keep up the good work everyone! For those who won, we have to train doubly harder because you guys are now the new target for others. Many will want to be faster than you. For those who didn't, let this experience be one of the best you ever had. Let this experience motivate you to greater heights. Always remember, we can only get better!

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