Thursday, 21 January 2016

Dengue Fever!

It'd been an exhausting 6 days and 6 nights. Really, really exhausting, but aren't we glad that it's all over!

First discovered Olympia's high fever on 14 Jan & we kept monitoring  her temperature. It just didn't seem to go down. At last, we decided to send her to the hospital's A&E just past midnight.

Doc made Ollie take a blood test & the results tested positive for dengue. Her blood platelets were low too. At 91, Doc suggested that we admit her for further observations.

And so, it began. Olympia  Our 1st night at the hospital together as a family ever since she was born. Doc was afraid her that platelets might go down again so she suggested to have Ollie prepared to have her IV.

Our heart sank when we heard her cries especially during her blood test.

The nurses would come every other hour to take her temperature. And we as parent could only wait for that magical number, 36.

But no. For the past 5 nights, her readings were 38, 39. Once it came down to 36 but it spiked to 38 again. I hated these numbers every time the nurses came to take her reading.

We know our baby is a fighter. She already fought against Jaundice, Chicken Pox & now Dengue. Ollie is a great fighter with a strong and determine will!

Finally, last night, her temperature stabilized at 36 - 37. Took her 4th blood test and she achieved the reading 141 for platelets! Woo Hoo! Doctor gave the green light to discharge! You have no idea how happy we were!

Glad that this whole saga is finally over! And we overcome it together as a family. We will never forget to paste a mozzie patch on Ollie clothes from now on! SHoo Mozzie. Shoo Shoo...

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