Sunday, 9 August 2015

Typhoon Soudelor

It's with a very heavy heart that I'm writing this post.

As the nation gets into full swing to celebrate Singapore's 50th Jubilee, Taiwan is currently dealing with Typhoon Soudelor.

We are deeply concerned with our friends & students in Taiwan. It's especially heart-wrenching to see the photos of the destruction that Typhoon Soudelor has caused to the property of our Taiwanese friend.


This is the temple where Teacher Jerry went for the 1st ever 21 KM Half-marathon run organised by them in April 2014. We felt very connected with the temple and the deity 三太子. This was the 三太子 who ran the whole of Taiwan & took part in the Tokyo marathon.

It is very sad to know that our friend and his family lost everything overnight due to the typhoon. It is an emotional day for us.

Typhoon Soudelor taught us a very valuable lesson. Life is vulnerable. Treasure every moment, every second. This second you might have everything, the very next second, you might just lose everything. As we look around us, we should always remain thankful and grateful.

We should be thankful that we do not have typhoon, earthquakes or serious floods in Singapore. Our Taiwanese friends are currently dealing with the aftermath of the typhoon & we pray for their safety.


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