Thursday, 28 May 2015

An emotional month

It hasn't been an easy month for the family especially with the demise of my beloved mother-in-law.

The family is coping well and life is back to norm. Thank you everyone for all your condolences and understanding.

Life is full of ups and downs. Life is a celebration of a new chapter and the last page.

As a coach, I am learning everyday from students, coaches, mentors and Olympia.

As a father, I am learning everyday too. Learning new nursery rhymes, sourcing for the most suitable toys, reading new books to her etc. And how apt, I chanced upon this video.

The first 1 min 12 secs of this video touched me. (Might need to view it on youtube)


Dear Olympia,

Sports is not all about winning or losing. Sportsmanship is the fundamental of all sports. The difference between an athlete who earns respect from others and an athlete who doesn't all boils down to the value of sportsmanship.

If you display poor sportsmanship, even if you win, all you win will be just a piece of medal or a trophy but not the respect of others.

If you display good sportsmanship, even before the race ends, you are a winner in everyone's heart.

Keep that in mind, my daughter.

If we win, we must remain humble and encourage others to perform better. If we fail, we must congratulate the winners because that tells us that they train way harder than us.

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