Monday, 13 April 2015

What my 4 month old baby taught me...

What my 4-month old baby taught me about - Determination.

Dear Olympia,

You tried flipping on your tummy for a good three days.
You turned your body to the side and could not proceed on.
You cried.

At times, Papa gave you a little push,
You were on your tummy but you still cried.

At times, Papa flipped you so that you can rest on your tummy.
You still cried.

It seemed like, you were determined to flip with your own effort.

The first thing you did when you were awake, you tried flipping.

After you were done with your milk, you tried flipping.

When you were asleep, you tried flipping in your sleep again.

Papa & Mama kept telling you to take your time & take it easy.
Yet, you showed us your determination to achieve your flip throughout those 3 days.

Papa was so worried that I might miss out on your successful flip.

That moment when I entered the bedroom and witnessed your flip together with mama, I was overjoyed.
We punched our fists into the air, cheered, clapped & celebrated your success together so loud that you cried.
We were very proud of your achievement.

And yes, now you like sleeping on your tummy.
Papa & Mama will just have to take more precaution and care.

Thank you Olympia for reminding and showing us what determination is.
Keep that fighting spirit going on!

Lots of love,

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