Tuesday, 14 April 2015

6th SSPA Centralised Test 18th April 2015

Dear Students & Parents,

                Attached is the 6th SSPA Centralised Test Start List.

The “estimated” start time is indicated on each of the event, swimmers are to report to the Clerk of Course (CoC) 20 minutes before the start of each event BUT it is advisable for you to be early for reporting. The Clerk of Course desk (CoC) is located at the left hand side of the viewing gallery (facing the gallery, please refer to attached map).

               The Competition Pool will be available for warm-up from 9:30 to 10:00am and 2 lanes at the Toa Payoh Public Pool are available for warm-up and warm-down from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Parents are advised to supervise their swimmers/children during warm-up and warm-down at both pools.

For Safety reason,  Please take note that PLUNGING PRACTICES ARE ONLY TO BE DONE AT COMPETITION POOL and NO PLUNGING is ALLOWED AT THE PUBLIC POOL, the 2 lanes in the Toa Payoh Public Pool are strictly for warm-up and warm-down cycle swim. Appreciate your compliance.

Please be informed that swimmers are to wear proper swim attire (only one is allowed)so that it will enhance their swim and timing.

Please also remind that the starting protocol during the test is:

-          Short series of whistle from Referee is for swimmers to remove clothing eg T-shirt, track pants etc and stand-by to race.
-          Long Whistle from Referee, swimmer has to take up position on either at the Starting block or at the bulk head. Please note that for Back Stroke event, the FIRST long whistle is for the swimmer to take up position in the water , the SECOND long whistle is to take up the starting position.
-          Once all swimmers are ready, the Referee will hand the Swimmers over to the Starter. The Starter will give the command “Take your Marks”
-          Swimmer must remain stationery (no movement)
-          Once all swimmers are stationery and ready, the starter will trigger the start device.

I noticed that most of the DQs in the past Centralised SSPA Tests are from Breast Stroke events, the most common ones are: 
·         Did not turn or finish with both hands simultaneously
·         Head did not break surface after the arms turn inwards at the widest part of the second  arm stroke (during the start or turn)
·         Arms push beyond the hip while swimming

Please note that due to security and limited accessibility to Toa Payoh COE Competition Pool, the access route to the COE Competition Pool is via the Toa Payoh Public Pool Main Entrance. 

Let the duty officer or SS staff knows that you are here for the SSPA Test. 

All the best and good luck to all!

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