Thursday, 5 March 2015

Overseas Students & Olympia

Hello everyone!

I have been extremely busy since December and finally I manage to find some time to blog. I know, I know. Everyone's waiting for the photos! Haha.

Been busy with my overseas students (some who flew to Singapore specially to have lessons with me) and I'm very grateful for that. Oh yes, and also busy taking care of Olympia!

First up, some of my overseas students.

Jacob & Victor from Norway

Eliza, Charlie & Kyra from Holland

2 years old from Russia

Diane & hubby from Germany & Romania

Every student has a special story to tell and I would love to share when I've even more time. I just want to give a big shout out to all my international students. Be it, you flying to Singapore for lessons or me travelling to your country, THANK YOU for your faith, trust and support in me.

Without further ado, I would like to introduce Princess Olympia!

Life has been totally not the same since your arrival. I finally understand the phrase, "Children are gifts from God". When I first held you in my arms, you look like an angel. I told myself and your mama, we will teach you everything we know about life and raise you up into a fine young lady.

It's such a blessing to watch you grow up every day. Waking up to your hunger cries for milk daily at 7am, Papa no longer needs the alarm clock. Seeing you and mama beside me the first thing I open my eyes tells me that nothing is more priceless in this world.

There is this Chinese saying that daughters are the father's lover in the past."女儿是父亲前世的小情人" . If that's really true. I must have really really love you!!

Papa has been soaking in the water with you since you turned 1 month old. I hope you've been enjoying your swim sessions so far. And since there are so many aunties and uncles who wants to put their babies into the pool too after seeing what you have achieved. Mama is helping papa to arrange a free lesson for the babies!

Hoping that you become an Olympian swimmer and represent the country is our dream. But if 1 day, you decided to become a professional singer. We will support you nevertheless! Look at you! You have the pose of a singer!

This photo garnered alot of likes on facebook and mama's instagram  This is a photo that's worth remembering. We took it at East Coast Park to celebrate Valentine's Day together. We really really love your sweet smile. Such smiles will melt hearts. Our hearts have been melted.

Having a lion dance around our house during special occasions/ Chinese new year will never be the same anymore. That's because you will be part of our big family!

See how thoughtful your mama is. She's afraid you might be frightened by all the firecrackers, fireworks and the dong dong chang. She went to get you ear plugs, ear muffs! Who knows? You slept through out the whole lion dance performance! *Thumbs up*

Papa is not being spared from your mama obsession of pinks! A pink carrier!

You are growing up really fast, so fast that you no longer wear NB & S size diapers. Therefore, we took you to an Orphanage to donate them to other children who need them. Papa & Mama hope you will learn to be kind to others and give more than you receive/ will receive. Remember, Papa always tell you, you must always tell yourself “我是幸福的!”

On your 2nd visit to the orphanage. You helped Auntie Belinda, Auntie Valerie and their families donate milk powder and clothes hanger. Papa & Mama decided that we shall not throw any birthday parties for you in the future. Instead, you may use the money that was meant for your birthday to bring these children out for a day of fun. That would be very meaningful right?

Grow up well. Grow up healthily, Olympia. Your mama has been the one who's been making all the sacrifices, waking up whenever you are hungry to feed you. Bathing you whenever you complain of the weather being too hot for you. And many others... Never never stop loving her alright.

We love you, our daughter. Happy 3rd month!

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