Monday, 13 October 2014

Open Letter To My Daughter

Dear Olympia,

I've been thinking if I should write you a letter so that when you grow up, you can read this. Ever since, the 3 of us - Daddy, Mummy & you appeared on TV for an exclusive interview, life hasn't been the same. We are a now a little known star and many people around us are anticipating your arrival.

You are now into Week 30 in your Mummy's tummy. You've been a really good girl. Whenever we tell you something, you will do it. So far, Daddy & Mummy have asked you to show us your pretty face during your ultrascan. You never failed to give your Mummy a hard kick whenever Daddy places my hands on her tummy.

With another few more weeks to go, I'm really excited to start a whole new chapter together with you and your Mummy.

Like all parents, we hope you will grow up well, strong and healthy. Daddy is a rather renowned swimming coach locally and overseas. With my resources, experiences and your talents, I hope to train you up well - Perhaps, one day you will be good enough to represent the country and go into the Olympics. Pretty clear why we named you Olympia? =)

We would also like to expose you to a lot of playtime. We are firm believers that a child learns best through play. Go ahead and have lots of fun. Academic wise, your very intelligent Mummy will take care of that.

I hope this open letter will be a good reminder for Daddy too. If ever one day, I get disoriented in parenting you, I will come back to read this and be reminded that the past few months haven't been really easy for your Mummy. She has to bear the pain of her backache, fogoing her favourite coffee, not being able to toss around on the bed and not forgetting controlling her diet.

It's really not easy for your Mummy. She's going to be the best Mummy on earth for you.

We hope you will be happy in whatever you do. In whatever you learn. Daddy have been through your stages and I can't wait to be the best teacher you will ever have. We are going to have an awesome time swimming, playing, cycling, travelling, training and doing lots of of stuff together with your Mummy.

Of course, the world is not all sunshine and rainbow. You will get to meet all sorts of people, characters and behaviors. Travel the world as much as you can. Go outside and see the world. Always remember to remain humble and respectful.

With another few more weeks to go, we've got your room almost ready and an exciting journey lies ahead for us as a family. So, let's work hard together and have a great time!


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