Monday, 6 October 2014

Drive Safe on the roads

I've a 1st Aid kit with me whenever I go for my swimming lessons. Not a fully equipped one but sufficient to handle the everyday-oh-so-common same cuts on the kiddos' fingers or legs.

Never did I expect that 1 day, I would need to use my 1st aid kit on a real road accident situation. Teacher Summer and I were travelling home towards Woodlands Custom when we witnessed 2 motorbikes collide.

They were travelling on the 2nd lane while we were on the 3rd lane. Immediately, we pulled over at the road shoulder and went down to help the 2 victims.

I must admit, when I first saw the amount of blood on the 1st victim, I almost fainted. I've seen a fair share of small cuts on the kids here and there but to see blood flowing out from the arms and legs. That's quite shocking.

Without hesitation, I used my 1st aid kit and try to stop as much bleeding as possible while Teacher Summer went ahead to call for the ambulance.

Turned out, the victim was staying near our place and we decided to send him home after he repeatedly refused to be sent to the hospital.

After everything was settled including bringing the old Uncle to the police station to make a police report, we finally reached home @ 11pm.

Lesson learnt. You never know when someone needs your help. If it is within your means, try to lend a hand. It doesn't take too much but they will be grateful for your help.

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