Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Advertorial: Alive Museum SG

Thanks to omy blog club and Alive Museum SG, we were given tickets to visit Alive Museum SG!

Wooo HOooo! Since Teacher Jerry happened to be in the vicinity after classes, why not? 
We headed to Alive Museum SG @ Suntec City

Warning: Tons of exciting photos ahead!

Help! Get me out of the freezer! It's cold in here!

Charlie Chaplin to the rescue!

Teacher Jerry: "Oi Steve! Hor Hor... You ah! What are you watching!! Come to my office after class later!!"

Michael Jackson Anti Gravity lean? No Feat!

The strongest Swimming Coach on earth. Easy Peasy.

Drawing is never in my blood.

Help help help... Marina Bay Sands' leaking!!! Come help Teacher Jerry!

 Poof! Flying kick!

Haha. Batman, can't close your mouth right?

I'm ready to take on Niagara falls on this kayak!

If we don't starting paying more attention to global warming and when all the polar bears are gone. Perhaps, next time we will only be left with Polar Bear mascots.

Teacher Jerry: "Ryu, relac relac... I asked you to swim 20 laps of freestyle for your own good. Don't lose your temper on me! You go relac 1 corner now!"

See, I told you splits are easy.

I'm a baby at times too!

Some babies are just to powerful for me to handle...

Don't you know I'm the next Yao Ming?

I want to go Thailand to visit the real elephants!

Even Mr Giraffe is in love with Teacher Jerry.

Fire Fire!! Crocs! CrocS!!

Birdie Birdie.. Fly me over there!

1st art piece upon entering Alive Museum.

Art can't get any more real.

All hail the new King of Coaches - Teacher Jerry

If my Charcoal ever dare to do this to me.... I will take away all his fav snacks!

Monster is just a guy thingy...

In the safe hands of mum.

So this is how I look like being skinny.

And the result of too much fast food.

Did someone say that Merlion was an auspicious icon for Singapore? 
Then the water that it spits out must be very lucky! Quick, drink some!

Stop hor! I never say you can take my photos!

Hulk can fly? So Can I~

On top of Singapore. Nice skyline!

I'm not short. I'm still growing..

Criss Angel? I'm the real angel.

 Next time my students tell me their tooth is dropping, I know how to help them!

My fav pic of the day!

On stealth mode.

Other than swimming, Table tennis is my next real talent.

Hold on to me Russell! Wait, I think it's not going UP. It's going down!!

All in all, it was a really fun and interactive experience. 
Would recommend this for a family trip with the kids. The kids would love it!

Prices are as follows from http://alivemuseum.sg/tickets-offers/

CategoryDefinitionRate (S$)
Adult13 yrs and above, including Senior Citizens$25
Child3 – 12 yrs$20
ChildBelow 3 yrsFOC
Family Package2 Adults + 1 Child$60, every additional child at $10
(up to 3 child)

Remember to bring along your camera! Prices are base on a per entry basis and there's no re-entry system. There are also no restrooms inside the museum. Make sure the little ones go to the restroom before entering.

Disclaimer: Cations on each photos are created by Teacher Jerry for fun, including the use of Singlish. 
Please do not be offended by the language use.

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