Saturday, 29 March 2014

5th Week Break - No Lessons

Dear parents & students, please kindly be reminded that there is no tuition & swimming lessons from 29/3/2014 - 1/4/2014 being 5th week. Lessons will resume from 2/4/2014

Friday, 21 March 2014


"As long as I have been a swimming coach, I have shied away from the "self help" approach to swimming improvement. The reason is that I believe there is no replacement for an experienced eye observing a swimmer's stroke in action. While a particular stroke may seem right to a swimmer doing it, analysis by a coach can provide valuable insight about subtle, but important stroke flaws that are present. Unchecked, the swimmer can end up practicing and perfecting flawed technique. Without intervention, stroke flaws may be repeated over and over again, becoming habit. This can slow progress, cause frustration with the sport, and, in some instances, eventually lead to injury.

A coach's input is important. By looking beyond what seems to be even a picture perfect stroke, to the heart of swimming efficiency,  a coach can identify problem areas and teach the swimmer to avoid poor stroke habits through correct practice. One of the ways coaches encourage correct practice is with swimming drills. Specific drills, targeting specific aspects of the stroke, help the swimmer practice correct technique and relearn ingrained swimming patterns. Once stroke flaws are identified, the swimmer can use stroke drills to address problem ares, and successfully practice on his or her own."

-Abstract from The 100 best swimming drills by Blythe Lucero

Monday, 10 March 2014


The Water Family Enrichment Center, teachers, staff & all students hope everything will be alright for MH370. Our thoughts and prayers are with are with the passengers, crew and their families.


Monday, 3 March 2014

SSPA Test Results

Dear Parents & Students who participated in the recent SSPA test,

The results for SSPA are available for download here.

Congratulations to all those who passed and for those who got disqualified, don't be disheartened. We can always try again in July. Life's an experience. You won't know what lies ahead of you until you move forward and give your best. With this round of experience, I believe our swimmers are growing up to be a stronger & better swimmer.

SSPA, also known as Singapore Swimming Proficiency Award is currently the latest syllabus & 1 of the toughest swimming test award in Singapore. Students are tested based not just on their timings for each different levels, strokes and will be judged based on the FINA rules. Read more over here.

Therefore, it's heartening to see many ( And I mean almost 100%) of you improved your timing. Many of you have even set a personal best record! Congratulations!

More photos can be viewed on our facebook page at Let's gear ourselves towards July's test with a positive attitude and determination to better ourselves.

Photo credits: Pei Chin