Tuesday, 19 November 2013

TWFEC Swim Carnival 2013

We held our Swim Carnival 2013 on 10 November/
 For the past 11 years, 
whenever the family organized an event, it rained.

This year without fail, the rain came upon us. 
Thankfully, everyone prayed hard enough. 
Lightning risk alert went off minutes just before the start of our event. 
Once the rain left, the wonderful and cooling weather accompanied us throughout our event.

It's never easy to organize a big event like ours. 
A lot of planning, co-ordination, and information dissemination. 
Most importantly, a lot of safety planning. 
A lot. 
My ex-MOE-teacher wife said that an event like this 
is usually planned by the whole PE department and
carried out by the whole school.

We have 3 of us and the support of each and every parent. 
For that, we are very thankful.

Nothing matters more than the safety of our swimmers and the safety of all the supporters. 
Medics & Ambulance on standby.

The registration queue.

Getting the swimmers ready for their individual events.

After the safety briefing, the 1st event - 50m Freestyle.

"Sports is not about winning or losing. It's about your effort, your participation 
and your determination" -  Teacher Jerry, 10 November 2013

It was  heartening to hear the crowd clap for all the swimmers. 
The applause were especially loud for the concluding swimmer. 
We could see everybody put in their best effort.

I am sure it was a very valuable learning experience for our swimmers who took part in the carnival. 
An experience that will last them a lifetime. 
For us teachers, nothing is more fulfilling than watching our children plunge into the water. 

Memories of their first swimming lesson flooded back to us. 
Some were so afraid of the water. 
Some were screaming. 
Some were running all over the pool. 
Some had their strokes all mixed up. 
Some simply love the water. 
Many were eagerly waiting for us to teach them how to blow bubbles.

Today, everyone is a champion. 
I know, we are going to produce more champions. 
More achievers.
In the pool and outside the pool. 

Kerstin, from a young girl, 
to a Singapore Sports School student 
to a 100m hurdler champion. 
It was not been easy for her. 
I witnessed her journey. 

 It was especially touching when she sent me a message volunteering to help us with our event. 
Together with Desmond & Carol, my very first pioneer swimmer children 
who have all grown up were back for "A mini gathering" to volunteer.

There might be some blunders and slight delay.
 However life is about learning & not make the same mistake again. 
That is  how we learn. 
With your feedback,  next year's meet  will be an even better one.  

The Water Family Enrichment Centre Swim Carnival 2013 
is definitely a milestone and 
an event where we experienced the support and love of everyone 
like a big family -The Water Family.

Once again, thanks to all volunteers and photographers! 
Individual photo credits to photographers are stated on our FaceBook.

More photos are available at www.facebook.com/twfec  
Results & timings are available at www.dropbox.com

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