Thursday, 15 August 2013

Foundation for Children

The kiddos & parents knew it. We were going to Thailand to visit our adopted Charity. Foundation for Children.

Our collection of old clothes and soft toys started as early as May. Due to the overwhelming responses, we had no choice but to stop taking in donation in July. Thank you everyone for your spontaneous donation!

Look who we saw before our flight! It's Ian Wright! Yeah! I was like a small kid calling out his name when I saw him! "Ian Wright! Ian Wright! May I take a picture with you please?" And he said "Yes!" What a great start to our holiday! =D

Teacher Summer's birthday was on 12 August, same day as Thailand Queen Sirikit. Blessed. She told me, she wanted to celebrate her birthday at the Foundation by treating the children to a meal over there. Initially, we planned to buy them MacDonald meals. However due to health and nutrition concerns, we decided that it was best to let the Foundation cook for the children.

I, on the other hand, asked our Thai friend to prepare a cake to surprise her. =) It was tough trying to hide this secret from Summer. Well, I'm glad the surprise turned out pretty nicely. Thank you Nuch for preparing the cake for X!

Teacher Summer with the 1st group of children.

After the birthday song, it was lunch time for the kiddos! They really enjoyed their meals!

2nd group of children from the foundation. They thanking us in Thai for preparing lunch for them. I felt touched hearing them say Thanks and patiently waited for us to serve them lunch 1 by 1.

The awesome group of parents and students who helped us bring the donations over, Thank you! From the bottom of our hearts, we thank each and everyone of you for volunteering to help us out with our luggage. Thank you for supporting us in this cause.

Words can't express our gratitude enough. Really.

After lunch, it was time to bring the children to see what we had brought for them. They were patiently awaiting for their soft toys...

Look at their smiles and how appreciative they are. These children taught me something. "Things that we don't treasure, there will always be someone out there who will appreciate."

A simple soft toy like Angry Bird & a teddy bear will make them very happy.

Teacher Summer & the in-charge

This trip back home to Thailand has been awesome. Great company. Great group. Great people. Alot of people think that the children are blessed because we cared for them. No. I think we are the ones who are being blessed.

It's always nice to meet great parents who are willing to take out time to travel on such trips with us. Thank you. Really Thank you to you all for taking time off to go on this trip with us. Thank you.

It took us 1hr30mins to travel from our hotel to the Foundation. No one complained about the distance. Not even my 2 lovely students. They were enjoying the trip. I really hope they learn something out of this "Learning Journey".

For myself, I learnt alot. I learnt that we are the lucky ones, fortunate ones, blessed ones. One can live happily and simply. No need for latest gadgets, latest toys. Appreciate all the little things around in your life. Because life is short.

While you complain of not knowing what you want to eat during your lunch break at the food court, Remember, there is someone out there starving without food.

While you complain that your parents do not want to buy you the latest Ipad, Iphone,
Remember, there is someone out there without parents.

While you start comparing with your friends where you went for your holidays,
Remember, there is someone out there wishing they had someone they can hug.

While you complain that your shirt is old and you want to buy a new one,
Remember, there is someone out there wishing that the shirt you are wearing belongs to them.

While you are thinking that you do not have enough shoes,
Remember, there is someone out there who walks without shoes.

While you complain that you have too much homework to do,
Remember there is someone out there who wishes that he has a pencil and a notebook he can write.

Lastly, While you complain that life is unfair to you,
Remember, there is someone out there who only has 1 wish - To let him live another day.

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Pei Chin said...

The visit left me with deep thoughts as well. I m also very grateful to be given the opportunity to visit the foundation. It was a very meaningful trip:)