Friday, 12 April 2013

The girl who refuses to give up

Received this message from Kerstin. I'm glad my blog post gave her motivation! Read here.

Now, she's a Champion! Woo Hooo!! Don't play play. Teacher Jerry student is now a qualifier for AYG & SEA Youth!

We want to be there to support you Kerstin! We'r going to scream our lungs out for you! =D

Well Done Kerstin! You trained hard for it and you truly deserve to be the champion.

They said, the route to be a champion is not easy. I'm glad you didn't give up your dream and protected your dreams all along.

I thank you too for teaching me a valuable lesson in life.

A side note to those adults who don't believe in a child untapped potential -
"Never underestimate the potential of a child."

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