Thursday, 4 April 2013

Foundation For Children

Over the long weekends, Summer & I travelled to Thailand.

Visiting our Thai family & friends over there was part of our agenda. What we had was an even more important itinerary this time round. Remember previously I shared our 5-year goal? A student parent recommended us this foundation in Thailand. So we decided to visit them.

Not knowing what to expect, all we had was our Thai friend - Nuch to be our translator. Kob Khun Krap Nuch for driving us to the foundation & Upakaew Suwimon for recommending us this foundation.

Foundation for Children was established in 1979 and they mainly help children in distress. There are 2 different sectors in this foundation. 1 sector ("infant") take care of children between 1 year old & 3 years old. While the other sector take care of children from age 3 to age 10. When these kids gets older, they will be send to Kanchanaburi for further education.

We felt that this foundation needs our help and we are willing to help them in anyway we can.

The "infant" sector lacks milk and diapers. The in charge was sharing with us how fast the milk and diapers run out.

The "children" sector lacks stationary, clothes, toys etc.

While we were in Thailand, the temperature was at an all time high. Even me, a swimming coach who's under the sun all day couldn't take the heat. Let alone the children in this foundation. The "Grandma" of the foundation told us, some of their fans were spoilt and needed to be replaced soon as the kids couldn't take the heat.

Summer and my heart melted. We went to get 3 fans for them right away. It might not be enough for everyone but at least we did something for them within our means. The foundation for children has around 40 boys and girls in the "children" sector and around 20 babies in the "infant" sector.

The FOUNDATION FOR CHILDREN helps children who are orphans or whose parents have no ability to take care of them. When we heard some of the children stories, Summer & I said to each other. "Our kids in Singapore are really really really lucky."

The lack of toys in the foundation meant that the kids have to make do with whatever toys they have and played with their own imaginations. What I saw? I saw boys playing with toys meant for babies under the age of 1 years old. I saw boys playing with barbie dolls. I saw a group of  girls sharing a toy car taking turns to play.

No Ipad, No Iphones, no computer games not even "Brick games". Perhaps the most enjoyable game to the boys is climbing the tree. I went to carry them down fearing that they might just fall down. Instead, they ended up requesting me to carry them. Throwing them up into the air. Piggy back them. Hug them.
"Grandma" told us, because of the lack of fatherly love. To them, I'm like a father. That's why they are so attached to me and keep clinching on to me.
Summer plans to teach them English. We think it's important for them to learn how to speak the language. And English is Summer forte.

I plan to teach them to swim. Nuch was sharing with us how many kids get drown in the river because they do not know how to swim.

The foundation do not have a swimming pool. We plan to bring an inflatable swimming pool over to them in August.  The current "Swimming pool" they have now is a concrete floor with water splash on it. But they are more than happy. I see kids diving and sliding all over the places. Despite the limited resources they have, the children are simply very very happy and contented with what they have.

I can already imagine their excitement and joy when I bring the inflatable swimming pool over to them in August!

We know, this is the foundation we are going to adopt. August we are going to the foundation again and will be bringing more donations that they need over to them. If you have old clothes or old toys (I believe most kids have) and you wish to donate to them, you may pass them to us. Most likely, we will start collection in July.

Trust me, the kids and the foundation will be very very grateful.

While watching the kids play in their "swimming pool", I can't help but think how lucky our local kids really are. We have swimming pool almost everywhere. 0.5m pools, 1.2m pools, 1.8m pools. But these kids, have just a puddle of water that's not even an inch deep.

I learnt a valuable lesson from the children in the foundation. That is, Life can be really simple. All you need is really to be contented with life.

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