Thursday, 25 April 2013

Collection of Donations

So, many of our kiddos know that we've been to the Thailand Orphanage - FOUNDATION FOR CHILDREN, and we are going back there again in August.

Here's an extract of what Teacher Jerry told them over the past few weekends:

"Listen children, Teacher Jerry want to share an experience with you all. I want to let you all know how lucky you all are ok?

That day, Teacher Jerry & Teacher Summer went to Thailand. (Kids go woah...) We went to visit this Orphanage home in Thailand and I want to share with you all what I saw there. The kids in the home are around the same age as you all. But they are not as lucky as you all.

3 things I wish you all will treasure.

1) Look at the swimming pool around you. We have a big swimming pool here. We have a choice to swim in the deep pool, the learning pool or the children pool right? Look at our water. It's clean. It's clear and we can see our feet.

But for the kids in Thailand, they do not have a swimming pool. Many of them want to swim too like you. You know how they swim?

Kiddos answer: "They swim in the river! They swim in the sea! They swim in the "long kang"! They swim in lakes!"

Teacher Jerry: No... They just wet the floor with some water and the children over there just dive here and there on the wet surface. That's how they swim. There was this boy who want to swim breaststroke. So, he just lay down on his stomach and imagine himself swimming breaststroke...

Kiddos goes.. "huh... Not painful meh?"

Yes, That's why I want to share with you how lucky you all are. Treasure the swimming pool you have ok?

2) Like I told you all earlier, some of them want to swim but they don't have a swimming pool there.

Kiddos go... "So Teacher Jerry are you going to teach them swimming there?"


-"But they don't have swimming pool how you teach them?"

-"I am going to donate an inflatable swimming pool to them and teach them. Though their pool is not going to be as big as yours but at least they can blow bubbles."

What I wish to share with you all is, You all are very lucky to have Teacher Jerry to be your Teacher. Just remember there are many children in other parts of the world that wishes to learn swimming but they have no Teacher to teach them.

So, treasure me ok!? =)

3) Toys. Let's talk about toys. Many of you have Ipad, Iphone, Nintendo ds, Wii, Samsung Galaxy etc etc...

The kids over there are not as lucky as you are. Their toys are donated by others. Some of the boys have to play with Barbie dolls. They don't have a choice. Whatever toys are being donated by others, they just play with them.

Clothes. The clothes that they wear are also being donated by others. So, do you think you all are very lucky? Be thankful to your parents ok? What you want, they will try their best to buy for you all. So appreciate them ok.

Now, why am I telling you all this experience? Because I want you all to know how to feel grateful and thankful. Also, because Teacher Jerry & Teacher Summer are going back again in August. Now, if you think you want to help the less fortunate. Teacher Jerry tell you all how ok?

Number 1. You can choose to donate old toys. I'm sure you all have old toys that you no longer play. You can donate to them. Of course, please do not donate toys that are broken. Like a transformer toy without his arms or a white rabbit soft toy that has turn yellowish or brown.

Number 2. You can donate your old clothes. You don't need to donate 10 sets of clothings. Just 1 set of clothing will do. If everyone donate 1 set of clothing, we will have a lot of clothings. Same thing, please ah. Don't donate clothes that have a big hole here and there ok? We need to respect others also.

I don't want anyone to go and buy new toys and donate to them. Don't do that. I also don't want you to donate money. Just donate old toys, old clothes or stationary can already ok? "

We are very thankful for everything we have, you should too.
There is a Chinese saying - 取之社会 用之社会.
We should remember to give back what we have benefited or taken from the society.

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