Friday, 25 January 2013

Spread the Love

We've been wanting to deliver the gifts to the children of Galilee Centre since Xmas but we were told that they will only be around when school opens. 
Well,  never too late :) 
Delivered the gifts to the children today. 
We're always thankful for what we have. 
Whatever is within our means,  we try to do it for others too. 
Hopefully the children are happy to receive their goodie bags :) 

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Been almost a week since we came back from United States. I still can't believe I completed the 5km with Teacher Summer & The goofy race (21km + 42 km) on my own.

Ah~ How I miss that mouse.. 

Thursday, 24 January 2013

A heart of gold

One of my senior female swimmer swimming costume is spoilt. After understanding her situation, my wife decided to buy her a new pair of costumes.

She said, no one should be deprive of a learning chance. I'm glad I married a woman with a heart of gold.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

With Dr Michael Peyrebrune

Attended an International Coaching Clinic with Dr Michael Peyrebrune.

Dr. Michael Peyrebrune is a Senior Physiologist and National Swimming Lead with the English Institute of Sport. He was a GB International swimmer for 5 years and the Swimming Director of Coaching at Loughborough University for 7 years. As a former England Director of Swimming, he helped to set up the World Class Performance programme and contributed to the successful bid for World Class Potential funding. He currently works with the British International swimmers and their coaches at the National centre in Loughborough and continues to publish through applied collaborative work with a number of Universities. (Links)

From Dr Michael Peyrebrune sharing and experiences, we learnt a lot more on how to develop our swimmers and his emphasis on endurance training for athletes got us on the right note. We are constantly upgrading ourselves to be better teachers & coaches.

Everyday we are learning something new. Today, we learnt something new and that makes us a better teacher/coach than yesterday.

It was a good learning experience to be learning from an international coach who has worked with and produce Olympic swimmers like Rebecca Adlington. 

Monday, 14 January 2013

Marathon Completed! End of USA trip :)

We are really coming home! 
Teacher Jerry and Teacher Summer completed the 5KM Family Fun Run. 
Teacher Jerry did the half marathon and full marathon -  and received Goofy Challenge Medal! 
See you all soon! 

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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Congratulations, Nafisa.

While we were in States,  we are happy to be receiving all the good news from our students who had received the various awards. 

Well done all of you :) 

Here is a picture of Nafisa. 

In the mean time,  stay tune for Teacher Jerry's last race in USA -  the full marathon! 

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1/2 Marathon Completed!

Teacher Jerry and Teacher Summer completed the 5km Run yesterday.
Today,  he completed a 1/2 marathon.
Tomorrow,  he will be doing the final full marathon!

Friday, 11 January 2013

2miles down!

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We'll be back soon!

Dear children, 

We are missing all of you! 
Let us finish our races and we'll be back! 
See you all soon! 
Lessons resume FROM Jan 18 (Fri) -  Swimming. 
Lessons result FROM Jan 19 (Sat)  -  Academics. 

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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Where Dreams Come True

Hello all! 

We're in Disney Hollywood Studios, 
where some of our dreams came true! 
However,  always remember,  
dreams come true also when we work hard for it! 
(need not be here!) 

Swim Nationals should be in July,
train hard for it! 
PSLE should be in September, 
work hard for it! 
Every one else,  work hard for your goals! 

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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Dear students and parents, 

Happy,  Healthy and Wealthy New Year 2013.
May everyday be filled with Love,  Joy and Enriching moments. 

All lessons resume from Jan 18, Friday. 

We'll see you then! 

Teacher Jerry
Teacher Rae
Teacher Summer

(Contact us via whatsapp,  FB and email) 

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