Thursday, 20 December 2012

Our outing to Universal Studio Singapore

So, the big child in me organised yet another outing to bring some of our competitive swimmers to Universal Studio Singapore.

It's always a joy to bring children out for a great outing! =)

That's us @ Sentosa Boardwalk! We chose to walk there instead of taking the bus or train as I feel that there would be more stuff for us to see & talk along the way.


Took the chance & explain to them, when to use the different types of jumps they have learnt. What does unknown depth, unknown conditions & unclear water means. =) 

Told them to walk, ended up all run. They must be really excited when they saw Sentosa! 

Water excites us! They wanted to swim over as they didn't want to walk 1 big round to cross this lake.

Good students waiting with Teacher Summer while Teacher Jerry went to get the tickets. Look at the number of people in USS!! 

Giving out the maps to the kids

Explaining to the kds where we are, where we will be going and most importantly, where to meet if they get lost..  And I'm just glad we had this safety briefing for the kids.

This is the place where we told the kids to come back to gather in case they get lost. (Guest Service Lobby). 

All ready & set to go! 

The 1st character (Woodywood pecker) we saw. We chased it from the beginning of Hollywood street till the end of Hollywood street!

Winnie Woodpecker was easier to take photo with! =) 

Sesame Street!!

I told them all to sit on the police car before anyone come and stop us... Too bad the car too small for all of us... hee

After the 1st experience, the boys rushed to NYC taxi and got themselves ready! 

We went for alot alot of rides! Especially the roller coaster! Battlestar Galactica! After which, we went for the Waterworld @ Jurassic Park. Everyone was totally wow by the special effects!!

Far Far Away land was another one of the kiddos favourite! They love Shrek! hee...

As we were having so much fun and running out of time, we told the kiddos they could choose 1 last ride. Naturally  the girls went for the ride at Jurassic Park while the boys chose to go for the Transformer ride. The 100mins of waiting time did not seem to bother these 5 boys at all! They queued patiently just so they could all get onto their favourite autobots!

All looking tired and getting ready to go home...

But there is always time for 1 last photo shoot with KungFu Panda!

And Teacher Summer saw her ex students over at USS! A small world? No. We don't think so. Her students were so excited when they saw her! =)

I'm sure all of our kiddos had a great time with us at Universal Studio Singapore. =) This outing couldn't have been made possible without the strong support of the parents. So, thank you all parents for being so supportive and accommodating to our timings. From our pickup time of 4pm, we extended till 6pm and lastly till 7pm. I guess, that's what happen when we had too much fun. We keep wanting to extend our timing.

Thank you to Teacher Summer for forgoing most of the rides so that she can be a motherly figure and take care of our belongings and to take care of those who did not want to go on that particular ride.

Lastly, thank you Mr.Weather for being so kind to us on that day. I always say this. Whenever, I organise a party or an outing, it will surely rain on that day. True enough, it was raining heavily everywhere in Singapore that day except in Sentosa! All we had was a light drizzle! Thankful we got the chance to go on most of the rides! =) 

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