Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Christmas with World Vision

I usually plan ahead for gifts.
Bought a few gifts and decided to stop.
I think it is time I make myself (and my friends :) ) more useful.
I decided to 'buy gifts' from World Vision for 
children (and adults) over the world,
and dedicate them to my friends as gifts.
I'm pretty sure my friends and I are all doing well in life.
We enjoy good food, comfortable life, shopping moments, etc ...
It is time to be thankful :)

Maybe this year, you can be like me too, 
buy a gift from World Vision 
and dedicate it to your friends!

Click accordingly.

Act Now!

You may also download the catalogue to see what are the URGENT gifts needed. 

Let's share this Christmas, 
like how you always do!

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