Thursday, 4 October 2012


As one aged, more dreams are added in to one life.

I am one who have lots of dreams and work towards that goal. To me, that's what makes life interesting.

So, now I have added 3 new dreams to my already existing dreams! =)

1) To have a healthy new born baby with my wife in future.

2) Stay in Thailand. I think it's an open secret that we wish to stay in Thailand. We like the pace of life, the people, the food and the environment. Most importantly, we love to wake up to such views everyday.

3) To own a Jag. Ever since we test drove the Jaguar. We fell in love with it. It's a class of its own. =)

Well, these are some motivations in our life at the moment...  The more we dream about it, the higher the chance of realising it. What's your dreamboard like?

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