Monday, 24 September 2012

Passion. Love. Commitments.

It's wonderful to know how much the kiddos enjoy my lesson. Just a few months ago, Aunreea was still in tears when she came  for Teacher Jerry's lesson. But now, she's swimming like a frog in the deep pool!

She's just 3 years old but I'm already preparing her for SwimSafer Stage 1! How cool! Hee... Here's a shot of her backstroke. Taught her for the 1st time & I'm surprised how well she can float on her back! Credits to Mr & Mrs Wee for bringing her to the pool often!

Every child can swim. Learning to swim well is a combination of a committed teacher & a student with passion to learn.

In a few years time, I won't be surprised if Aunreea is able to swim butterfly as well as Daryl! =)

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