Friday, 14 September 2012

It's all fated

Just as my wife & I were talking about how jealous we are to see her friends travelling to Thailand. We got an unexpected message from Aunty Joy! She was asking when we are going to Thailand!

Moments like these, we would always say "it's fated", the mighty one above us has plans for us...

If that sign was not obvious enough, we reached home tonight to be greeted by 2 letters from Thailand!

Our sponsored child from Thailand has wrote back to us! Using the color pencils that we gave it to him. Nice. I think he has a talent in drawing!

I asked him if he knew how to swim in my previous letter. Today I had my answer. I felt someone had squeezed my heart when I saw the reply. It was simple. It wrote "I can't swim. I don't have swimming course because I don't have a swimming pool at school." Arn't we lucky to have a pool that's within reach? Perhaps a 15min walk or a bus ride would get you to the nearest swimming pool? I feel in me that I can do something more to help him and his village.. Well, perhaps in March 2013.. Let's see what we can plan =)

Back to Singapore, Teacher Summer and I went shopping for a new Screen for our students! She says her current monitor is too small and she wants a bigger one for the students.. So, off we went to buy a bigger screen!

The old screen was 19". The new one 32". All for the benefits of our TWFEC students. Arn't they lucky? =)

Oh! Speaking of TV. Did you watch Channel 8 latest show <<我们等你>> "Don't stop believing" ? The little girl who played the character "毛毛" is my student! Hee... Proud of her!

Can you imagine the commotion she creates everytime she comes for my class? Hee... everyone will start calling her "Mao Mao"!!  "Mao Mao"!! Well, here's a photo of a superstar coach and a superstar actor! =)

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