Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Family Time

<<非诚勿扰>> is the current show that's capable of having our whole family gathered together in the living room every Sat & Sun night.

After a long day out, this is perhaps the best variety show that allows all of us to unwind. The show will start at 9.10pm on Starhub Channel 830. We would all be ready by 9.05pm on our usual places. Haha...

This is a pretty interesting show whereby they will have 24 single ladies deciding whether if they would want to date the single man on the show. There will be a total of 5 men per show and we would start guessing if he will be able to have a lady to leave the stage with him. Most of the time, we would start commenting the moment he appear. How he dress, how he walked and how he talked.

No doubt, there are some really sincere ones, there are some with really nice love stories. Well, I guess the best part is how each lady view the men from different perspectives.

The whole family is loving this show at the moment. And the most importantly, it gives us 4 hours of family bonding every sat & sun. I treasure such moments with my family.

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