Thursday, 23 August 2012

Teachers' Day 2012~

As Teachers' Day 2012 is nearing, I believe that all students and parents have already received notifications about not buying us any presents.

Some students and parents are puzzled and asked us, "Why?"

I thought I will take the chance to explain the reason.

Being teachers for so many years, we have been showered with lots and lots of presents from our students yearly. Just like last year, Teacher Summer had 2 trolleys filled with presents!

We appreciate the thought students buying us a present. However, do you know that the money spent could probably be put to good use? =)

For students and parents who really really wish to spend money on presents, please go to this website @ World Vision Singapore and choose a gift to donate to the less fortunate. A $10 donation will be able to get a child in Myanmar a new shirt and a pair of shorts. That's more meaningful don't you think so? =)

(This is what we always do and definitely in no way are we affiliated to World Vision.)

A teacher's greatest gift is not the amount of presents he/she receives during Teachers' Day. A teacher's greatest gift is seeing results and improvement in his/her students, academically and behaviourally. Therefore children, continue to work hard to show your love for us! =)

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