Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Shoot It Wright Contest! We won!!

(Photo courtesy from TLC Asia)

Yeah! We won the Shoot It Wright contest organised by TLC & Canon! Wooo Hooo!!

Canon Powershot S100! Awesome right!!
Having entered in so many lucky draws before and we had no chance of winning. This is definitely one of the lucky draw items that we will be grateful for! =)

Wife and I love to watch TLC. And during that period where Invite Mr Wright was on TV, we would glue oursleves to the TV and watch him.. Haha.. We love his wacky ways of hosting. We love to see him travel all around the world and experience new stuff... Pretty much like what we are going to do! Hee..

My blog readers who have yet to watch his shows should really go and watch them! hee.. You would definitely fall in love with him!

So, Thank you TLC, Canon and Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific! And we were also given a couple bear! So pretty that my wife said "Don't open it up. We can put it in our new house!"

And a test shot on the camera! Just when you though such images (focus on the front, blur blur on the back kind of photos) can only be done on a DSLR. Canon PowerShot S100 is able to do that too! Oh by the way, I am not a professional photographer. So, sometimes it's not the skills of the photographer. It's the camera. =D

Yeah!! Wooo Hooo!! Once again. Thank you TLC! Thank you Canon! Thank you Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific!

And I present to you. "Shoot It Wright" Contest - Weekly Prize Week 1 Winner! Jerry Toh! Yeah!!! =D

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