Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Road Trip to Malacca 2012

Wife and I woke up @ 7am on Monday and off we go to Malacca!

Objective #1: To try out the famous Malacca chicken rice ball.
Objective #2: To bring this "never to Malacca" before boy to see the famous red church.

I volunteered to be the chauffeur for my wife. No joke eh! 280km up north & 280km back to Singapore. Luckily along the pitstops, they sell yummy curry puff to peak me up! Just when I thought the price of the curry puff @ 50sens/piece was a good deal enough, the fillings of their curry puff was heavenly sent! Love it to the max!

Pitstop: Nasi ayam (aka Chicken rice). After my wife took the photo, I asked her. "Eh, I thought we are going Malacca to eat chicken rice?! Why I order chicken rice?!" Haha... 

Beautiful mountain scenes taken by my wife.

After 2 hours of driving, we were fast approaching Malacca! WOoo HOOOoo!

We are in Malacca!! Behind us, is the famous Christ Church. It is the oldest functioning Protestant church in Malaysia.
Now, I can say "I've been to Malacca too!"

See my excitement with a windmill!

Well, actually, I'm just very happy to be in Malacca. Haha..

Interesting find! We found this "Ice cream egg" A nice snack to have while strolling down Jonker Street.

I was still all hype up and excited in trying out the Malacca chicken rice ball.. That is..until I ate it. 

Review: The fishball soup was a little too salty for our liking. The 1/4 kampung chicken taste alright.The otak otak was nice. What about the chicken rice ball? To me, it taste like flour. My wife was saying when she last tried it, it taste like chicken rice. But unfortunately, the chicken balls we had were tasteless. The RM4 nasi ayam we had at the pit stop tasted much better.

Luckily, we ordered just 5 balls for the 2 of us.

Food disappointment aside, the interior of the restaurant was rather grand and unique. So, that score some points for it. We had fun taking photos with the settings.

Sitting on the emperor throne.

The emperor & the empress

A close up of the emperor.. Haha.
Dessert was wife favourite gula cendol...
 While @ somewhere else, I was posing with  Mr Malaysia..

We spent around 4 hours in Malacca before we decided to climb up to visit the St Paul church on the top of the hill...
 The ruins of St Paul church behind us....

A road trip is fun. A short holiday is great. It's not the destination that matters. It's the people who accompany you there that matters. A trip with the wrong company to the right destination is an unhappy trip. A trip with the right company to the wrong destination is fun.

I had a road trip with the right person to the right destination.  Our next road trip in the pipeline - Kuala Lumpur.

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