Friday, 6 July 2012

53rd National Inter-Primary Schools Swimming Championships 2012 (Day 1)

The day started with our flight from China touching down on Singapore @ 6.25am before we rush straight down to Toa Payoh Swimming complex.

Teacher Summer and Teacher Jerry were worried that we might missed out on our kiddos swimming competition. Well, let's admit it. We have all heard about flight delays on Tiger Airway, naturally we have our worries.

But we believe in the mighty one up there. He knows what's best for us and the kiddos. True enough. Our prayers were being answered. We board our flight successfully @ 2.05am and reach Singapore @ 6.25am. 10mins earlier than our expected timing! Kudos to Tiger Airway and the Pilot!

We rushed straight away to the swimming complex. Both of us were so tired but we persisted. All for our kiddos.

No matter how tired a Teacher is. When his students needs him, he has to be there.. =)

After warming up the kiddos with Teacher Rae, I conducted a team briefing to make sure our swimmers were in a calm state of mind. It's their 1st race after all. I didn't want to stress them up. Just wanted them to enjoy the whole race and perform their best. =)

Unknown to many, Some of these swimmers used to have water phobia. So, can you image my happiness and the excitement in me when I see them standing on the platform waiting for the horn for them to plunge off?

My belief is proven. Any child can swim well. It just takes patience (lots of patience) and perseverance to help them overcome the phobia. I have just prove to myself that everyone has the potential to swim well. If helping them overcome their phobia was not enough, our swimmers took home some of their personal best timings....  Yes, I am so proud of my swimmers!

Giving them 1 last motivation talk before sending them to report for their races. P/s: This is one of my fav photos taken by my wife =) I look really serious and the kids were in 100% focused.

Although we didn't make it into the finals but I believe each of them are a winner. A winner in their own league. Some broke their own personal best, Some realised how fast other kids of their own age swim. Most  importantly, every child took home with them an experience of a lifetime. To us, they are all winner.

Thank you kids, for swimming your very best.
Thank you parents and schools, for your support in our swimmers.
Thank you everyone who believe in us.
Most of all, Thank you to all swimmers who represented your school.
We have trained really hard and have seen our fruits of labour.

Now, we have got to train even harder! =)

Up next: Day 2 of competition!

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