Monday, 4 June 2012

Teachers who go that extra miles

Surely, everyone must have a teacher who went that extra miles for you.

I've many teachers who went that extra miles for me when I was young. That extra mile that no other teachers would be willing to go for. Yet, we took them for granted. 

It's the same theory as taking our parents small little actions for granted like tucking us into our bed when we were young or using the hair dryer/towel to dry our hair before allowing us to go onto bed. It's usually until we become parents ourselves that we learnt to appreciate these actions by them.

I've never view teaching as any other job. I won't even consider it as a career. I view it as a passion. A hobby. Something that I enjoyed doing.

A Job according to wikipedia is a regular activity performed in exchange for payment.

A Career is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as a person's "course or progress through life (or a distinct portion of life)".

While a Passion is an intense emotion compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for something.

A teacher who views his/her teaching simply as a job or career will definitely not wish to give up their personal free time to stay back or go that extra mile to teach you.

A teacher who views his/her teaching simply as a job or career will just do all that's required to teach you. That's all.

A teacher who views his/her teaching simply as a job or career will not be thinking of you all the time and gets stressful and emotional over your performance.

But, how many people knows how hard, how tiring and how difficult it is to be a teacher who goes that extra miles?

True, you might be saying "But you are the teacher what..." "No one ask you to do all these extra things" "If you want to do it, then don't complaint..."

Teachers who goes that extra mile for you won't complaint because they are willing to do it. They are willing to make sacrifices for you. Money is not the 1st consideration for them. Passion is. They don't expect any returns or rewards or even awards presented to them. They just purely want to see that you learn, you nurture and you learnt.

However, it's hardship for us. Teachers who goes that extra miles for you. Especially so when you don't appreciate our efforts. We questions ourselves sometimes, why can't we be just like those teachers who receive their pay check at the end of the month and switch off their mobile phones after 7pm. We ask ourselves why we are making the effort to do so much for our children? We have arguments over our priorities. Why we sometimes give priorities to our children over our loved ones.

And I can tell you why. Because we 不甘愿(not satisfied). We are not satisfied especially so when we know you have the potential to do better. Talents are usually spotted by their teachers. And teachers are the best person to know if the child has the potential and ability to perform better. That's why we constantly do more for them.

Do we expect any rewards? No
Do we expect any awards? No
Do we expect any returns? No
Do we expect appreciation? Yes.

Because these are the teachers who are the cream of the crop. These are the teachers who make the difference in your life. These are the teachers who have no complaints missing that yearly gathering with friends knowing that your exams are round the corner and you needed help. These are the teachers whose hand phones are always contactable. These are the teachers who gives you a pat on your back when no one else does. These are the teachers who gives you a hand up when you fall. These are the teachers who gives you that extra push when you needed it the most.

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