Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Our 6 months anniversary

Time flies.

It seems like only yesterday we just got married.

I surprised my wife with this.

Went to Far East Flora and got this lovely sunflower for her. She adores sunflowers because it matches with her name - Summer. Left it at the centre so that the moment she opens the door, viola! She sees it! Hee....

We had a nice celebration @ our usual must go JB seafood hawker centre. With 1 big mug of sugarcane, 4 crayfishes, 1 stingray & a plate of kai lan. That's it. Our simple yet delicious aka *aroy maak maak* 6 months anniversary dinner. =)

To make things more meaningful, we decided to sponsor a child from World Vision. =) Yes, no doubt, we choose to sponsor a child from Thailand. I guess the choice of country was easy. We love Thailand and just about everything there. The people, the food, the environment and the list could go on. Yet, at some part of Thailand, there are still many people living in poverty.

When I received information about our sponsored child, I teared. He's such a young boy yet he has to go through a very tough background that most people won't want to go thru.

Xx and I sincerely wish to help him and his villages but there's only so much we can do within our limits. So, I guess, the monthly contribution will be a good start for further endeavours . =)

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