Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Bangkok Day 4 of 4

Last day in Bangkok and we are getting ready to check out of Budacco.

On our last trip, we bought this sausage mcmuffin for Norin but somehow it was lost somewhere somehow. Luckily, this trip it was still available and we got it once again for Norin Chua! Hee....

This was another surprise find in Bangkok. KFC green curry chicken rice! Aroy maak maak!! Hee...

I've been searching high and low for this giant yakult since the 1st day we reach Bangkok but all the 7-11 around our hotel didn't have it. As the chinese saying goes,皇天不负苦心人(Heaven doesn't let down a man who does his best.)

We finally found it at airport 7-11!! hee...

Look at the sizes different!! =) 1 of our must drink list in Bangkok. But we found a even better tasty yakult. Yakult with honey lemon! Hee... =D
To be honest, we booked our air tickets in 2011 Aug. And the intended date of travel was from 22 May - 24 May 2012. But as the dates came nearer, we decided to travel 1 day earlier and forgo 22 May air tickets. Hee... That's how much we love Thailand.

If u ask me if it was worth it to give up 22 May air ticket and buy 2 new air ticket for 21 May. I would tell you, it was totally worth it.

Not only has this Bangkok trip enriched my life, it has also changed my way of expectation towards life. (Save this for another post). Of course, this trip has brought the relationship between my wife and me even closer. =)

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