Friday, 25 May 2012

Bangkok Day 1 of 4

We are back in Singapore!

This trip to Bangkok was a total eye opener despite the fact that wifey and I have been to Thailand numerous times.

Like what I've shared on my facebook, this trip, we did not have any itinerary printed out. Nor did we have any travel guides or maps. All we had were just our hearts, the friendly thai people and our thai friends.

We would follow wherever our heart lead us to. It was a total relaxing trip with zero shopping and zero arguments between my wife and me. =)

Both of us were totally in awe with the warm hospitality from our Thailand friends. They have shown us the true meaning of humanity, compassion and generosity. Thank you Nuch, Cha nuk, Auntie Joy, Nonn, Yae, Nuch family and all the Thai people whom we have met along the way. Thank you for treating us so well.

Alright, enough said. Now, let the photos and videos do the talking! =)

My luggage bag and my light beam in case I go missing, my wife can easily spot me with this light beam! Hee... =)

This was taken @ the budget terminal.

Arrival @ SUVARNABHUMI AIRPORT (Taking the airport rail to our hotel)

Arrival @ our station!

Breakfast @ our favourite Thailand Fishball noodle store! 94baht for 2 bowls of noodle & 2 glasses of grass jelly! =)
After breakfast, we went to Sam Peng where we went to Poh Teck Tung Foundation to make some donations. We met this nice aunty outside the foundation for 2 consecutive days. Yes, we were @ the foundation for 2 days. =) Though we did not buy anything from her, she was still all smile with us and even helped us in finding our way.

We were touched by her gesture. The helpfulness of the Thai people who don't expect anything in return is so true.

This is Yae. My favourite thai masseur in Thailand. Be it foot massage or thai massage, Yae always gave his best. If there were a rating scale, I would rate him 11 stars out of 10. Yes. He is that good!! =) My relationship with Yae is no longer a customer and a service provider. We are friends. Good friends.

After massage, we went back to check in to our hotel @ Budacco. A highly recommended hotel we would recommend to everyone! Nice front desk stuff, nice room, nice security guard, nice breakfast, great location. What else is there to ask for? Click on the link to find out more about Budacco.

Here's an intro on our room. =)

Most importantly, everything is in PINK! My wife favourite colour! =)

Freshen up ourselves and off we go to Khao San road. I've never been to Khao San and it seems that everyone (even my wife) has been there! So, off we go! Hee...

On the roadside of Khao San. We tried my wife favourite thai food. Pad Thai. Aroy Maak Maak! (Delicious!)

Khao San Road is a place mainly for backpackers. Night market and shopping wise there's not much variety. So, we found a nice restaurant and chill out there.

Enjoying a bottle of Chang Beer with my wife. =)
 Our yummy dinner....

Roadside stall dessert. My favourite. Mango!

And we ended our night with a roadside stall bbq fish that cost 80baht only! =)
If you think our day 1 was happening, wait till you see Day 2 as we visit our thai friend Nuch hometown - Nakhon Pathom!

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