Thursday, 31 May 2012

Random wishlist

Some Random wish list..

A Louis Vuitton Jongleur

An endless pool.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Bangkok Day 4 of 4

Last day in Bangkok and we are getting ready to check out of Budacco.

On our last trip, we bought this sausage mcmuffin for Norin but somehow it was lost somewhere somehow. Luckily, this trip it was still available and we got it once again for Norin Chua! Hee....

This was another surprise find in Bangkok. KFC green curry chicken rice! Aroy maak maak!! Hee...

I've been searching high and low for this giant yakult since the 1st day we reach Bangkok but all the 7-11 around our hotel didn't have it. As the chinese saying goes,皇天不负苦心人(Heaven doesn't let down a man who does his best.)

We finally found it at airport 7-11!! hee...

Look at the sizes different!! =) 1 of our must drink list in Bangkok. But we found a even better tasty yakult. Yakult with honey lemon! Hee... =D
To be honest, we booked our air tickets in 2011 Aug. And the intended date of travel was from 22 May - 24 May 2012. But as the dates came nearer, we decided to travel 1 day earlier and forgo 22 May air tickets. Hee... That's how much we love Thailand.

If u ask me if it was worth it to give up 22 May air ticket and buy 2 new air ticket for 21 May. I would tell you, it was totally worth it.

Not only has this Bangkok trip enriched my life, it has also changed my way of expectation towards life. (Save this for another post). Of course, this trip has brought the relationship between my wife and me even closer. =)

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Bangkok Day 3 of 4

On day 3, we woke up @ around 8.30am before we headed down to have breakfast at our hotel cafe. Nice buffet provided by Budacco.

After breakfast, we headed to Erawan Shrine.

This trip to Bangkok, we didn't have any itinerary printed out nor did we carry any travel guide books. We just followed wherever our heart lead us to. Of course, we did read up on the internet before we decided if we were going to any places.

I like such arrangements because for example when I want to visit a shrine, I will tell Xiaoxin and she will agree to go with me. Or when she says she's hungry, I know it's time to visit macdonald for her beloved Samurai Pork Burger meal.

Such free and easy trips are nice because there is no element of timing and thus, no arguments or disagreement. During this trip, we might have a few squabble over taking which transport mode but that's about it. No quarrels or disagreement. =)

After visiting the Erawan shrine, we headed to a less well known shrine to tourists - Chao Mae Tuptim. We choose to take a motor ride over there as we had never been on a Bangkok motorbike before. Hee.. It was a cheap thrill as we get to ride without helmets. Hee.. =)

If you need the location and how to go to this shrine, you are more than welcome to email me for it. =)

The shrine was originally dedicated to Chao Tuptim, a female animist spirit who people believe has been residing in the banyan tree next to the shrine for hundreds of years.

Years ago though, a woman came to pray at the shrine asking for help from Chao Tuptim because she couldn't conceive. Nine months later, she gave birth to a healthy son. She was so pleased with her child that she came back to the shrine and left a large wooden carving of a giant penis in thanks.

On our way to the BTS Station, we went to a Condo showflat. It was beautifully done up with a private lift for each unit.

Any developers or organisations willing to sponsor us a unit in Bangkok, we would be more than willing to blog about it for you! Hee.. =)

This time in Bangkok, my wife is such a nice girl. She did not shop at all. Usually, she would spent 3 full days at Platinum Mall but this time round, we were there for just 3 hours. Hee... But still, we had to collect our custom made orders from our previous trip.

So, when you are in Thailand, move your goods like the Thai people. Do I look like a local thai here? Hee... I think we have fully immerse ourselves with Thai culture.

Dinner was spent with the lovely Thai families of Chak Nu, Aunty Joy and Non. They treated us to a sumptuous dinner! Thank you! Kob Khun Karp!

We met this family just 3 weeks ago in Singapore and although we need to communicate through our translator, we still have a great bonding with them. Especially Chak Nu & Aunty Joy. When they invited us to their house, we did not expect them to give Summer and I each a gift that we would never forget this lifetime.

I do not know how to express my gratitude to her but all I can say is, we are indeed very very thankful to have met this family.

Chak Nu is of course taller than me! Hee... But we made him stand on the road while we stood on the curb. Hee... Else, I would have look really really short over here.. =)

Bangkok Day 2 of 4 (Part 2)

On our way to fish farm!! Hee... I love farms!

Unfortunately, the fishes in the pond had been fed in the morning so no fishes took our food.. But that did not stop us from feeding fishes.. We were off to a temple where they had monster fishes a.k.a Catfish! Super duper big and hungry!

But first, we had to go and pluck guava from the guava farm. hee...

And here we are @ a local temple where we fed the fishes! LOOK at how big the fishes were!!!!

After all the farming and fish fishing, it was time to head back to Nuch Kampong where more surprise awaits us!!

Remember all the farming work that we did earlier? Now, it's time to wash and clean them up! Hee... I was trying to be cheeky here... =p

After all the hardwork, it was time to have some fun. Er... Seems like fun the whole day already didn't it? haha....

Nuch dad and grandmum decided to treat us to some sweet snacks that grows on the tree.

Look at how enthusiastic Nuch dad was! hee...

I like Nuch grandmum. She's so friendly, warm and so happy. Well, I like the old folks. So much to learn from them.

I'm a happy boy on the soils of Thailand.

Nuch grandmum treated us to her own home made Mango rolls. She would make these rolls and bring to Bangkok to sell for 10baht each. And she only had 2 mango rolls. Guess what? She gave us those 2 rolls! How sweet of her!

And yes, they taste super delicious! Aroy Maak Maak!!

Took a pic with Nuch little cousin. I like this photo. Hee... =)

Found an unusual pet! A turtle! =)
While on the way to Nuch University, we saw this school bus of students. Arn't we Singaporean kids lucky? Look at how some students in the other part of the world travels to school...

Nuch insisted that we must take a photo at this place! Hee.... Beautiful right...

Can you believe such big glass of drinks for just 10baht?!

Dinner Time! And we were back to the Night Market @ Nakhon Pathom where she treated us to this famous hotplate oyster omelette where the amount of oyster was in huge quantities!!
This is also the place where the famous flying ice cream is! Even the Princess visits this stall. So how could we give it a miss! Enjoy the next 4 videos! Hee...

A group photo with the famous ice cream fliers! Hee.....

That basically concluded our Day 2 in Bangkok. Yes, it's only day 2! Hee....

Monday, 28 May 2012

Bangkok Day 2 of 4 (Part 1)

On day 2, we met up with Nuch. Our best Thai friend. She was so excited in showing us her hometown - Nakhon Pathom Province.

First stop, she brought us to Wat Phra Pathom Chedi Ratchaworaviharn.Wat Phra Pathom Chedi Ratchaworaviharn is one of the main royal temple. Belonging to this temple is the Phra Pathom Chedi, the tallest pagoda in the world.

My wife and me outside the temple.

The locals believe when your wishes come true in this temple, you must return thanks to Buddha in the form of red eggs. Arn't we lucky? When we reach the entrance of the temple, we saw a truck filled with boxes of red eggs. And the lucky man gave each of us a red egg for good luck. Huat ah! =)

Inside the temple,we found peace with the Reclining Buddha

Making donations to the monks. There are 100 bowls. =)

Nuch told us this is the art of miracle. The tree grows through the rocks.

After the temple visit, Nuch brought us to an award wining restaurant.

They serve 1 of the best chicken rice and roast meat rice. Oh, did I mention they serve delicious satay @ just 3baht per stick? Aroy maak maak!

When the wife visits the local wet market, you know, she loves you. =)

Trying out some of the local roadside stall food...

Next stop, a famous restaurant where they serve Volcano Prawns. Yes, Volcano Prawns! heee...

The "Sua-Gu" Singaporean who have never seen a volcano before. (*Sua gu: country bumpkin)

Fresh and big prawns!

Tom Yum soup with real fire!

The all famous thai fried rice.

Green curry!

Comedian Jerry trying to impress our host with my Coca Cola pouring skills... Hee...

After a hearty lunch, Nuch drove us to her village for a tour around their farms.....

Their provision shops. Retro. Remind us of our old good kampung days. 

At the farm.. It was a hot and humid day yet they still welcome us with laughters.

Enjoying my time at the farm...

Cutting the weeds

My wife was worried that I might cut myself so ask me to put my hands behind me.. <3

Love the sun, the clouds and the farm.

Look at the big farm behind me! =)

Trying fruits from the tree! =)

My wife and Nuch. Outstanding wife who didn't complaint about the scorching sun.

Cucumber Farm was up next!

Up next, Fish farm, Kampung & flying ice cream!! =D