Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Walt Disney World® Marathon Weekend 2013

I told my wife about this Walt Disney World Marathon in Orlando. And she gamely took on my challenge! It's always nice to have a supportive wife.

So, at the stroke of midnight, we registered for the marathon race. Wifey will be taking part in the 5k family run. Of course! I am joining her for the 5k run on Friday. After which, I will be taking up Disney goofy challenge. That is, a half marathon run on Saturday and a full marathon on Sunday. =)

And when you take up a goofy challenge  + a 5k run, its known as the Dopey challenge! Haha...
It's a dream for most runners to take part in the Disney World Marathon. For me, it's even more special. Because, not only am I keeping my promise to my wife. I am going to run with the cartoon character that has been growing up together with me.

I promised my wife I will take her on a world tour. Talk is cheap, fulfilling it takes alot of courage and commitment. But I am going to have just her as my wife in this lifetime, if I can't even keep my promise to her, who else can? So, I just took 1 small step by registering in this race. It's going to be the furthest country I am going to bring my wife to.

For me, it's going to be special because it's going to be the 1st time we are going to the States! Wooo HOOooo! Also, how can anyone not like to run in a place where every moment is magical? Just the thought of it makes my adrenaline rush up! Hee....

I can't wait to see Mickey Mouse!

And yes, we are going to the Magical Land - Disneyland! =)

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