Monday, 2 April 2012

JB A&W & Go Kart!

I found it! I found it!! A&W in JB!! Wooo Hooo!!! Gone are the days where we would take a ferry to Batam or Bintan. Gone are the days where we would take a flight to Bali or Thailand just to satisfy our craving for A&W!!

I have found A&W in Johor Baru! Woooo HOOOooo!!!! Okok, I know. Kids will be asking, why so excited over A&W Teacher Jerry?

Well, people from my era will definitely love the root beer float and who can ever forget about their curly fries? Hmmmm... Nostalgia.

Well, I'm just super glad that we found A&W! Hee....

After lunch, we headed to try out a new sport. Go Karting. It was an impromptu decision made on Sunday and so we went to Permas Go Karting. =D

Got to drive into a palm tree plantation. It's on roads like these that you wish your car was a 4wheel drive.

We had the whole circuit to ourselves! It was a good experience for the speed and thrill. Hee... =)
And yes, we are explorers of the world. =)


Jem said...

dude... WHERE IS A&W!!!

Jerry Toh said...

Hi Jem,

It is at Bukit Indah, Jusco =)

Jem said...

thnx bro. will visit it soon =)

Hadi said...

Hi bro! Me n my frens wanting to try the go kart. Could you kindly share the info for the place to get there! Thanks. You can email me at or 81332070 hadi. Thanks much appreciated.