Saturday, 24 March 2012

Why we don't do make up lessons for Public Holidays

All along, one of our Terms & Conditions is "There will be no lessons during public holidays." There is also NO make up lessons for public holidays.

For most of our parents, they understand. But for some who don't, kindly read on further.

Base on the Ministry of Manpower, "The Ministry would like to inform all employers that under the Employment Act, an employee who is required to work on a public holiday is entitled to an extra day's salary at the basic rate of pay, in addition to the gross rate of pay for that holiday. The employer and employee may mutually agree to substitute a public holiday for any other day."

Before I even go further, think about these questions:

1) How would you feel if your boss tells you to go back to work on a Public Holiday?
2) Will your boss deduct your salary because you didn't go to work on a Public Holiday?

We are teachers. Yes, we dedicate our most precious weekends and weekday evenings to your child and we definitely give our best and our very best to your child. No doubt about that. In fact, we teach so hard that we hardly have time for our own family.

We are good teachers but we are not superman/woman. We are just ordinary human beings like you who wish to have family and personal time. A public holiday is very important for us because that's the day where we can spend quality time with our families and friends.

No doubt there are so many good teachers out there. Some teachers might do a replacement class for your child if he/she misses the lesson. Some might even tell you that they can do a replacement class for public holidays. We don't do that. Why?

Reason: Imagine, every week your child's class has different students joining in. Some might be of higher ability, some might be of lower ability. That's because each and every single one of them are requesting for a replacement class for their missed lessons. Tell me, how can your child improve?

We are very particular with your child's attendance because a lesson missed is a lesson missed and the dynamics of the class at that moment is something that can only be repeated in our memories. Not only would it be unfair for other students, it would also be unfair for your child. Sure, we have seen teachers whose classes are always made up of different students with just 1 or 2 regular students in that class. We always shake our heads and sigh. "Those poor students. How much can they learn?"

We are not the best teachers but we definitely put in our heart and soul into teaching each and every student. Did you see that smile on your child's face? Did you feel their excitement whenever they know they are coming for our classes? Did you not see how much they have progressed under our guidance?

We abide to a very strict intake per class: 6 students/ tuition class and 10 students/ swimming class. Once your child takes up that slot, we don't give that slot away despite our high volume of waiting list students. Yet, when some parents go on a 2 month holiday trip, we still keep that slot for their child. (*Note: We do not ask the parents to pay as per normal to keep those slots at the moment.)

Having said that, if any parents feel that they like the flexibility of other teachers who can fit into your schedule, by all means, join them. We will wish you and your child all the best. From your point of view, you might have gotten a good deal. From a teacher's point of view, we feel that your child's education has been compromised.

For example, whoever thinks that swimming is just about asking the students to swim up and down the 50m pool totally has no understanding about this sport. Swimming is not just about physical training but also theory knowledge for your child.

In order to enhance your child's learning experience, every now and then we will conduct theory lessons for your child in terms of the explanation of strokes, the teaching of water safety or the teaching of Swimsafer syllabus. Yet, we only have so much time per class to pass our knowledge to them. It's  really not easy for us but we are trying our very best.

If we do not discount on your child's education, then why should you discount on us? We have a family to feed too, and we teachers deserve a break too.

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