Monday, 19 March 2012

A weekend of drama

**Student name is protected as requested by him**
**Photos taken under non-life threatening situations**

Every weekend is a brand new weekend for Teacher Jerry. With "ti ki" & "jiao gei" students aka mischievous students, I must always be prepared for any new stunts that they will throw to me.

Last friday, our dear friend over here walked to me and said, "Teacher Jerry, you have plaster?"
Teacher Jerry: "Why? What happened this time?"
Student: "I fell down on the road."
Teacher Jerry: "Gosh!" I saw blood flowing from his kneecap
Luckily Teacher Jerry is trained in 1st aid and I went ahead to dress his wound up.

Then I asked him, "How did you fall down?"
Student: "I ran and I fell down."
Teacher Jerry: "Why were you running?"
Student: "I was late so I ran."

Tell me, how can any teacher not be touched by his attitude. =)

Nice 1st aid done up for him.

1 of those things that the kiddos look forward to whenever dark clouds appear above us, MILO!

Therefore, when lightning struck and thunder roared, I bought the kiddos MILO and gave them a lifesaving question for them to solve. Here they are, discussing how to save that drowning victim.
An iPad, cups of Milo, interactive kiddos and a super duper good teacher is a sure-win, sure-fun formula. =)

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