Friday, 2 March 2012

Travel around the world - With a mission

Was discussing with wife on our world trip. We don't want it to be like any other normal trip. We want to have our world trip with a difference.

So, we came up with an idea. We shall travel around the world with Me, teaching swimming to the children and her, teaching English to the children around the world. It's meaningful.

Yes, after all, our passion is in teaching and children. Nothing is more meaningful than to put a smile in the kiddos face.

Any sponsors willing to meet up with us to discuss in details? =)


Anonymous said...

Give me more details in email. the exact target recipients and the objectives you wish to achieve with them. :)

Jerry Toh said...

Hi Denise!

Thank you for your interest in our humble little dream.

My email is

Perhaps you may wish to give me your email too so that I can share with you more info! =)