Thursday, 2 February 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

Being in the system for more than a decade, I could not believe that I was so excited and sort of tossed and turned in bed on Tuesday. It was definitely not my first Learning Journey but well, my first as a 'Parent Volunteer' to all my precious kids, especially those from JO5 and BU5 in 2011.

Okay, JO6, the next time, I'll be your 'Parent Volunteer'!

It was my first long day since the beginning of 2012. Reached school at about 8am and left at about 2pm. Arrived at the centre at about 2.30pm and had lessons all the way to 9pm. Still, I had fun.

Lots of fun with my kids in school followed by lots of fun with my kids at the centre. We were having a lesson on forces and I decided to put everything into action! Tug-of-war should be the best to teach forces and to experience relationship between amount of mass and force.

It was not just a battle between boys and girls. We played 3-on-3 too!

I'm glad my Primary 6 kids are working hard together with me and I am not alone. They are as motivated as I am. I am sure as long as they work hard, they will see results. Thank you for believing in Yourselves - that is the most important! Introducing our TWFEC's Fortune Mascot - Lucky Lucas!

- Teacher Summer :)

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