Monday, 27 February 2012

Travel around the world

I made a promise to my wife to bring her around the world.

Honestly, making a promise is easy. Keeping it is the hard thing. =) Reality seems to have a bigger bat than you and will always hit you hard when you are so close.

Luckily,  Star Alliance  has a "Round the world fare". *phew* Travelling around the world is no longer a dream. It's now a mission.

So, here's how we plan to travel in 2013/14. If not, 2015/16. Will definitely fulfil my wife dream.

From Singapore to:
1. Sydney (AUS)
2. Auckland (NZ)
3. Los Angeles (US)
4. Sao Paulo (BRA)
5. London (UK)
6. Paris (Fra)
7. Zurich (CH)
8. Moscow (RUS)
10. Osaka (JPN)
11. Delhi (IND)

Fare total price: $17,709 (Economy class) $24,351 (with 1 child), $30,992 (with 2 children)

Up next, calculating the cost of travelling on a budget flight. Well, at least now I have a target to work towards. =)

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