Friday, 24 February 2012

Cries in a Distance

My wife has been chasing after this drama show called "爱情睡醒了" every night before she ends her night with Cake Boss.

In it, JJ Lin sang this song - Cries in a distance. Did a quick search and found this MV on youtube.

Touched by the lyrics. Moved by the photos. Couldn't help but think we are really lucky to be in a country where war is unheard of ever since the japs surrender.

We can send our kiddos to school and be assured that at 2pm, we will be able to see them safe and sound.

We can enjoy a good movie in the cinema and not worry about any bombings.

We can kiss our love ones goodbye in the morning and know that we will see them after work.

We can walk along the streets at 1am and be assured that no one will point a gun at you.

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