Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Billionaire

Planned this movie for our pre-valentine day date but since tonight we had some time to spare, I decided to book tickets to THE BILLIONAIRE and so, wife and I were at GV Yishun watching this movie.

I like Biography of others.
I like to know the struggles of successful people.
I like to know that I am at a stage where all successful people must go through.
I like to know that when most people chooses to give up, I am still hanging on.
I like to know that I am hanging on because of you.
I like to know that I am not giving up because of our dreams.

Well, it's not a typical movie for some as the man next to me fell asleep and keep going to the loo. While wife and I keep tearing over the struggles. 1 thing that I can relate to is, he's just like me, always carrying big bags a.ka. barang barang around.

A quote at the end of the movie.

"Don't lose your courage no matter what, if we give in then game is over" - Top

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