Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Watermelon

I like this story from the book "Why Study Smart?", written and illustrated by Teo Aik Cher.

A mother brought her little girl to a watermelon farm. The little girl wandered off on her own, wanting to buy a watermelon for her mother. She saw a huge one and asked the farmer for the price.

"This one? Five dollars," replied the farmer.

"I only have fifty cents," the little girl said, disappointed. "I wanted to buy it for mummy ..."

The farmer felt sorry for the little girl and he pointed to a small one, "Fifty cents for that one."

Her face brightened when she hear that.

"I'll take it!" she replied and paid the farmer. "Don't take it down. Just leave it on the vine. I'll come back in a month to take it. Thanks!"

Needless to say, the farmer was flabbergasted.

Sometimes, thinking simply is smart thinking :)
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