Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Live your day as though it's your last

You know the saying "Live your day as though it's your last", to a lot of people, it's yet just another quote.

For me, I finally realised it's meaning. In my own interpretation, it's "Teach your lesson as though it's the last"

And it's especially true in the case of teaching Asher.

He's going back to Sweden soon. Which means, I am going to see him for just 2 more days.

Somehow, I wish time could stop. Friday doesn't come. I'm already missing him now.

And there are so many things I am going to miss about him.

His forever tight tight hugs.

His everyday new ideas which he will share with me by saying... "Teacher Jerry, I have an idea....."

Moments when I point out his mistakes and he will always say "That's why...I told you to stop moving." "That's why..." "That's why...."

Moments when he gets angry with me for moving backwards

Moments where he tells me not to step on the "eels" and bring him to the "stingrays"

I am not showing favouritism. I love all my kiddos. But if you were in my shoes, you will understand. It's just like a teacher saying goodbye to his/her P6 students after PSLE. That's the feeling.

And yes, today before our lesson starts, he ran towards me and gave me a warm welcome hug. 

Hugs like these are true and sincere from a child. Most importantly, hugs like these are the ones that I will remember for a lifetime.

I am glad that I've gave my best for him. 

p/s: TGIF (Thank god it's friday) is never gonna be in my dictionary.

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