Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Shanghai Tang

My wife says she likes this family photo alot. It kind of resembles a classic chinese movie "上海滩"

I think so too. =)

Monday, 30 January 2012

Ang Baos!

1st year giving out ang baos to the kiddos.

The feeling?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
Bliss can be a state of profound satisfaction, happiness and joy, a constant state of mind, undisturbed by gain or loss. 

While some might want to shun away Lunar New Year, I find it a joy to give. Especially so when I hold their small little palm and wish them "新年快乐,恭喜发财,万事如意,心想事成,身体健康,学业进步,快高长大,龙马精神"

And I make sure they wish me "早生贵子" in return. Hee... Yes, we have alot of encouragements from everyone wishing us luck on a Baby Dragon. Trust me. Both of us want a Water Baby Dragon/Phoenix more than anyone else. =)

*We hope everyone who receive our ang baos will also receive our blessings for you! =)

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

SwimSafer Stage 3

Was teaching my twins, Oliver & Nigel on their "Throw Rescue". A lifesaving element in their Swimsafer Stage 3.

*Brief intro*
When the victim starts to shout for help, Rescuer must say "DON'T WORRY! DON'T WORRY! I WILL THROW YOU THE BOARD!"

Teacher Jerry: "Ok! Teacher Jerry will be the victim. You all throw the board to me ok!?"

Twins: "Ok!"

Teacher Jerry: "HELP! HELP! HELP!"

Nigel goes.. "Don't worry Teacher Jerry! Don't worry! Oliver will save you! I go pee pee!!"

And he left his board on the floor and ran to the toilet.

Hahahaa... Oliver & I can't help but bust out laughing! So cute my kiddos!

A great way to start the Dragon year! =)

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Water Dragon Year! Huat Ah!!

The Water Family wishes all our students & parents a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year in the year of the Water Dragon!! Huat Ah!!  =D

Friday, 20 January 2012

Chinese New Year lesson break

Dear students & parents,

Please kindly be reminded once again that there is no Swimming & Tuition classes on 22/01/11 (Chinese New Year Eve).

Our experience tells us that lesser than 50% of you all will turn up for class. So we might as well let everyone have an OFF day! =) Hee...

We have pro-rated this month fees for you. If you have not yet receive your rebate, please kindly let your teachers know!

Here's wishing everyone a Prosperous and Lucky Chinese New Year! HUAT AH! =D

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Live your day as though it's your last

You know the saying "Live your day as though it's your last", to a lot of people, it's yet just another quote.

For me, I finally realised it's meaning. In my own interpretation, it's "Teach your lesson as though it's the last"

And it's especially true in the case of teaching Asher.

He's going back to Sweden soon. Which means, I am going to see him for just 2 more days.

Somehow, I wish time could stop. Friday doesn't come. I'm already missing him now.

And there are so many things I am going to miss about him.

His forever tight tight hugs.

His everyday new ideas which he will share with me by saying... "Teacher Jerry, I have an idea....."

Moments when I point out his mistakes and he will always say "That's why...I told you to stop moving." "That's why..." "That's why...."

Moments when he gets angry with me for moving backwards

Moments where he tells me not to step on the "eels" and bring him to the "stingrays"

I am not showing favouritism. I love all my kiddos. But if you were in my shoes, you will understand. It's just like a teacher saying goodbye to his/her P6 students after PSLE. That's the feeling.

And yes, today before our lesson starts, he ran towards me and gave me a warm welcome hug. 

Hugs like these are true and sincere from a child. Most importantly, hugs like these are the ones that I will remember for a lifetime.

I am glad that I've gave my best for him. 

p/s: TGIF (Thank god it's friday) is never gonna be in my dictionary.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

TWFEC wishes all a Happy Lunar New Year

May all parents and children have a happy, healthy, wealthy new year!

From: Teacher Jerry, Teacher Rae and Teacher Summer

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Happy Lunar New Year!

A nice clip to share with everyone!

Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! 恭喜发财!学业进步!

And to quote my students, "We shall celebrate Chinese New Year by swimming 20 laps!" =D Nice. I like their attitude.

Friday, 13 January 2012

TWFEC Restroom

We brought this from Bangkok!
Hanging proudly on our restroom door now! =)

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Teacher Jerry: "Asher look! Sting Ray!"

Asher: "Yes! Hurry Teacher Jerry! We have to swim on top of the Sting Ray!"

Teacher Jerry: "Ya! If not the Sting Ray will bite you!"

** After 3 seconds of pause **

Asher: "Teacher Jerry, Sting Ray don't bite. They will STING you!"

Hee... I love it when my kiddos correct my mistakes. And yes, I am learning something new everyday from my kidos.

Oh, btw, Asher is just 5 years old! =D

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

From Russia with Love

These lovely kiddos are the reason why I've been studying so hard on my Russian.

And if there's 1 thing I've learnt in Russian. That would be "Ho-Roh-Shore"хорошо "Ho-Roh-Shore" хорошо, which means Good Good! Hee....

And today is a great day to end their last lesson with me.

You see, 1 of them has water phobia. And the language barrier between Teacher Jerry & the student doesn't make the situation any better.

Yes, I managed to help him overcome his water phobia with my Singlish mixed Russian accent after 2 days. I must have impressed the pool users that 1 Australian lady came to me and say

"You are very good. Very patient. I am so impressed with you. For the past 3 days I've been watching you. On day 1, he was crying and crying. And 2 days later, he is swimming! I am so impressed!"

How did I do that? Seriously, I have no idea. It's either Swimming is an international language or I must have been real good in speaking Russian. Hee... =)

Well, I had fun learning Russian for them. So, here's wishing my Russia students "Oo-dah-Chee" удача (Good Luck) & "Nah-dyee-ahz Skoh-rah Vuh-stray-tehm-syah" Надеюсь увидеть вас снова (Hope to see you again)

And how could I ever forget speaking in a gentlemen style "mehn-yeh zan-voot Jerry" Меня зовут Джерри(My name is Jerry) to them. =D

The Watermelon

I like this story from the book "Why Study Smart?", written and illustrated by Teo Aik Cher.

A mother brought her little girl to a watermelon farm. The little girl wandered off on her own, wanting to buy a watermelon for her mother. She saw a huge one and asked the farmer for the price.

"This one? Five dollars," replied the farmer.

"I only have fifty cents," the little girl said, disappointed. "I wanted to buy it for mummy ..."

The farmer felt sorry for the little girl and he pointed to a small one, "Fifty cents for that one."

Her face brightened when she hear that.

"I'll take it!" she replied and paid the farmer. "Don't take it down. Just leave it on the vine. I'll come back in a month to take it. Thanks!"

Needless to say, the farmer was flabbergasted.

Sometimes, thinking simply is smart thinking :)
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Monday, 9 January 2012

Can I call you Papa?

Sometimes, kids say the funniest thing that put a big smile on my face

Kids: "Teacher Jerry, did u have ur ring after your wedding?"

Jerry: "Ya. Because I am now married."

Kids:"Oh! Same as my papa! My papa also have a ring! Can I call u papa?"

Sunday, 8 January 2012

2012's First P5/6 Small Group Creative Writing Class

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Love or Bread

Every now and then we will be asked to choose between love or bread.

Today I finally have an answer - Love.

With a life filled with lots of love, you will be fed well.

Yes, looking at my size and 70kg weight now. I think it's super true.

Well, married men usually have a nice round belly tummy isn't it. =)

Our Primary One Girls' 1st Math Lesson! :)

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Teacher Jerry Russian Homework

Sorry, your child is not bright enough


Some parents and observers are questioning the motivation for entry tests for enrichment centres
by Tan Weizhen 04:46 AM Jan 03, 2012

SINGAPORE - As the tuition landscape here evolves - with a burgeoning market for helping children who are strong academically to become even better - the practice of some enrichment centres of holding entry tests for children as young as six has raised hackles among some parents.

But centres which hold such tests defend it as a way to screen prospective students and understand their abilities better.

Even so, observers Today spoke to said that these tests could add more pressure on parents and affect a child's confidence at an early stage.

Finance manager V Ang's six-year-old son recently failed an entry test at a popular enrichment centre and is preparing to take another test at a different centre. The 33-year-old said: "The screening is quite ridiculous ... when I sent my son to enrol, they even required information such as which primary school he will be going to. It is quite stressful, as it is not only difficult to get in but expensive too."

Another parent, Ms Serene Tan, said her son, who is in Kindergarten 2, was unable to get a place at the Learning Point after he could not pass the entry test in November. The investment consultant, who is her mid-30s, questioned the motivation of enrichment centres that are solely focused on helping students who are already strong academically to do better.

She added: "I find it very odd that they have such comprehensive entry tests even for children at that age. The centre said that my son didn't do well in his spelling and grammar, but he is only in K2."

Enrichment centres here conduct entry tests for children in kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools.

The duration of these tests are usually between 30 minutes and one-and-a-half hours. An English test for a K2 pupil, for instance, can include grammar, composition, spelling and reading segments.

When contacted, several enrichment centres, which hold entry tests, reiterated the need for the entry tests and pointed to the results they have achieved in helping children who have the aptitude for accelerated learning.

The Learning Lab, for instance, said that each year, 70 per cent of its students see their grades improve by 10 percentage points. It added that 297 of its students scored 260 and above in last year's Primary School Leaving Examination.

Enrolment requirements vary across the enrichment centres: The Learning Point, for example, will not accept students who fail its entry test, although it allows them to take a re-test six months later. For Just Education, it conducts these tests for students whose results in school are below its criteria.

The Learning Lab said its entry tests are used to assess the ability of the students, so that they can be grouped together with others of similar calibre.

Apart from entry tests, the centre also conducts pre-enrolment interviews "to appraise the student's drive and desire to improve, and fit with our school's learning ethos". Its spokesperson Ling Cheah told Today: "We want to ensure that when we admit a student, we can indeed add value, we can indeed help him improve on his personal best."

Creative Horizons, which offers English as well as creative writing courses, pointed out that its students should have a minimum standard of English before attempting creative writing, for instance. The centre's director Faeza Sirajudin stressed that "no child is at the place where they don't need any more help". Nevertheless, she said parents should not "hothouse" their children to try to push them beyond what they can achieve.

She said that it was unhealthy for parents to send their children to enrichment centres at an increasingly young age, when they should be given time to play.

Mountbatten Member of Parliament Lim Biow Chuan, who chairs the Government Parliamentary Committee for Education, dismissed the practice of having entry tests as '"marketing gimmicks".

Said Mr Lim: "Some centres obviously just want bragging rights. If top students come in, they obviously would be good to begin with. Such practices drive up the pressure unnecessarily."

Ang Mo Kio GRC MP Intan Mokhtar, who also lectures at the National Institute of Education (NIE), added that these enrichment centres play on parents' fears that their children would lose out if they are not stretched from a young age.

She said: "I guess with the current state where there's a lot of competition to enter university, parents take extra precaution - if the child is good, he can be even better."

Noting the psychological impact on children who fail the entry tests, she added: "It would instil in the child a sense of belief that everything boils down to (getting) the 'A's, when learning really isn't just about that."

For us, The Water Family Enrichment Centre, EVERY Child is a Bundle of Potential and Promises ...

Tuesday, 3 January 2012


This is how workaholic we are.

12.30noon we will reach Singapore tomorrow.

4pm, our 1st lesson will start.

See you all tomorrow! =)
Jerry Toh
Swim Director
The Water Family Enrichment Centre
Web: www.twfec.org
Contact: 9100 1855

Sunday, 1 January 2012

I love Bangkok!

Too busy enjoying ourselves in Bangkok. So, for live updates, please visit Teacher Summer blog @ www.iamxiaoxin.blogspot.com

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Teacher Summer as our official CEO, Chief Education Officer of TWFEC! =D