Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Jerry & Summer Lucky Red Wedding 2011

I am now married!

And yes, I am married to the most wonderful and amazing women on earth. Summer Toh Xiaoxin!! Hee...

I would like to thank alot alot alot of people. Each and everyone who have made our wedding such a success.

And usually, they are those who work hard behind the scenes for us.

Thank you to Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre Hotel. You guys are 1 fantastic crew! From the front desk to the banquet manager. Everyone seems to have a little surprises up their sleeves.

Especially thank you to Miss Ang, Vasanthi and Jonathan. You guys are great! With such details you guys cared for our guests and our wedding.

From the 1st day we met, you guys pampered us with all the small details. Yes, indeed we are not a fussy couple. But that's all because you guys took care of all the issues for us. What's there for us to stress about?! Hee....

Thank you Miss Ang for all the preparations you have prepared for us. Thank you for treating us like a Super VVIP!

Thank you Vasanthi for all the meet ups, all the setups and all the suggestions you gave to us. And how can we ever forget your personalised surprised wedding gift for us! We teared when we received your present in our suite. OMG, what kind of service is that? It's far more than a 6 star hotel service.

Thank you Jonathan for helping me with my surprise for my wife. Thank you for accommodating my requests to meet up with you to test out my AV. Without your help, my surprise wouldn't have worked so well. Thank you for the dry run before our actual wedding starts, thank you for all the suggestions and how will we ever forget your help during our solemnization. We are so touched by your finest details in helping us.

All in all, A very very big thank you to each and everyone of you at Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre! *Thumbs up*

Next, our wedding planner, Marj & Marcus. You guys are great! Thank you for helping us with all the wedding preparations right from the beginning. Thank you!

Sharon & Daisy. Thank you for being our Emcess for the night. You guys are wonderful! Hee.. It must have been hard to keep the secrets of mine, xiaoxin & my brother. Hee.....

Wayne & Darrell from Photomorements
Thank you for being our offical photographer for the day. I must say your photos are a work of art! Wonderful! We love each and every single photo!!

Mas from Wantondoodle
Thank you for your speedy morning express! You are really a talent!

We have a almost 1,000 photos! So, it will take a really really long time before I can post all the photos here.. Hee..

For a quick review, you may visit my wife facebook photos.

Album 1 ( By my wife beloved blackberry)
Album 2 (By Photomorements)
Album 3 (By Photomorements)

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