Saturday, 17 December 2011

2 more days...

2 more days to our Big Day!

As the date is nearing, I am feeling nervous, excited and happy.

I must say, we are really lucky teachers to have wonderful, understanding and really really thoughtful students and parents to the max times 1000000000000000000000000!!!!!

We are touched by the small gestures each and everyone have shown us.

We have received many many ang paos from our student parents. And Robert even travelled all the way to our house just to pass us our ang pao because he's leaving on a business trip to China! How can we not be touched by such gesture?!

We have also receive many many hand drew and self designed cards from our students. Thank you kiddos and parents! You all really pampered and spoilt us with all these gifts.

Talking about gifts. We have been receiving so many sweet gifts from you all. And everytime I opened up the wrapper together with Teacher Summer, we always go " sweet!!!" And mum will rush into the room when she heard our screams and goes... "The parents are so nice to you all! They must really love you all alot."

Let me settle down 1st and find the time to post all the photos ok? It's been a really really hectic week for us. As if 1 wedding dinner is not enough. We still have the kiddos Swimsafer test and our wedding party for them! It's crazy. Really really crazy. But thankfully, we are almost 90% done.

Did we quarrel during this period? Yes we did. End of the day, it all boils down to communication. Whenever Summer and I quarrel, we have an unspoken agreement. We are allowed to be angry with each other for 3 mins and after that, 1 of us must give in. If none choose to give in, I will give in to her.

Still, I must say I am going to marry a really really capable wife. She did almost 80% of the wedding planning. =) Thank you laopo.

**p.s: Tips to all the groom to be. Let her have her way. Trust me, life is much more easier. Give her what she wants and both will be happy. =)

Last 2 days being a bachelor and I'm closing this chapter to start a whole new chapter with my wife Summer Toh Xiaoxin. =)

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